Friday, December 30, 2011

Talking, Talking, So Much Talking part 1

These next couple of post will be from conversations I've had over the last couple of days.

Monday December 26, 10:00 A.M.(-ish)

“Mr. Schultz, are you awake? You have a visitor.”

The nurse’s pleasant voice woke me up. “A visitor?” I asked, rather surprised.

“Yes, he says he’s your grandfather.”

Well, that couldn’t be right. My grandfathers are dead

Before I could protest however, the visitor slipped in and gave the nurse’s shoulder a small pat. “It’s okay darlin’, my grandson is always up to see me.”


The Grigori.

The nurse gave a timid nod and went on her way. Dammit, couldn’t she have been one of those veteran nurses who strictly adhere to the rules or something like that.

Grigori took a seat next to my bed, removed his bowler and simply stared at me with a small smile. Silence filled the room for what felt like hours. I’m not sure if this was just some sort of intimidation tactic or if he was just waiting for me to wake up a little more.

“So I see you took my advice and had yourself a very grand time during Solstice.”

 “Oh yeah, so much fun. Look at how crazy the festivities got.” I motioned to my battered body with my free hand “So let me guess you’re here to finish the job. Beat me down with your cane again?”
Grigori let out a loud amused laugh “You’re still sore about that? You need to learn to let things go my boy. And no, I am not here to finish you off. That’s His job.” He looked down and one of my gifts, a bag of those miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups “Ah, I certainly have a soft spot for these, would you mind if I have one?”

“If you are willing to answer a couple of questions for me.”

“A question for a cup then.”

“Alright, but only if you can answer it.”

“You have yourself a deal.”

“So why hasn’t Slendy come to kill me while I’m in here yet.”

“Well…I’m not exactly capable of knowing what goes on in my Boss’ head, but I’d say it is because you are not…ripe enough yet. My Boss loves fear as much as I love chaos. You could say it is what we thrive off of. And you just haven’t reached that point of you being a satisfying meal yet. But if you want my opinion, you are very, very close.” He took his first peanut cup as a reward. He already gave me quite a bit to take in before he added “Granted, I cannot make any promises about my other colleagues. I’m pretty sure you know how they are through all those blogs you read.”

“Lovely, should I include Andras?”

“Andra-“ he let out another laugh “Oh that’s right, that’s your name for him.”

“So he does have another name?”

“Of course. But you can stick with Andras. If he wants to tell to you his actual name, he can do some himself. Although he is a rather quiet individual. By the way I am counting that as two question.” He said and took two more cups. He couldn’t help but note that he seemed a lot more casual than he was during the last two conversations we had.

 “So why’d you club me that night?”

“Well…like I said, if you remember, I can’t have the both of you dying on me. I’m Andras’ Handler, and the kid has potential so I can’t afford him gone. As for you, other than the whole meal explanation I gave you earlier, well, in all honesty you remind of my when I was being stalked by him.” He seemed to grow a little somber “So filled with hope to you could overcome this. Gung-ho about trying to take him down. And one stubborn bastard. Unlike you however, I realized that my Boss has offered my something that I never would have experienced if it weren’t for him.”

“And what’s that?”

He stopped for a moment “You know I should thank you for that clash you Andras.”

“Oh, and why is that? And that does not count a question to get you a peanut butter cup.”

“In my 50 some odd years of working for Him..”

50 years??? Holy crap how old is he, he looked  fantastic for his age.

 “…I have learned something that I feel is important for every new Proxy to learn. We are not invincible. For some reason nine out of ten new proxies have it in their head that working for something that is seemingly invincible should make them invincible as well. Oh, it’s certainly not the case. I like to teach some of the newbies that and, well, you saved me time of teaching that to Andras.”

He took at a pocket watch and smiled “Well look at the time I must depart. I hope you get well soon and sorry about the mess to your apartment” He looked out the doorway for a second. “Oh, by the way,  don’t scream.”

Before I could say anything, he brought his cane down on my busted leg like a samurai sword. I bite my lips trying not to scream but fuck it hurt.

“Consider that a little response from my Boss for everything you did to him last week.” he smiled and went on his way.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh crap....

I just realized all of this is going to lead to a very awkward conversation with my probation officer...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas to most all of my fellow Runners and Fighters!

I wish only the best.

I gotta' admit, it feels weird being in the hospital on Christmas. It's kind of lonely. Even when your family pops by to visit you. They couldn't stay because I forced them to leave and blamed my hostility on my meds because of work.

At the nurse that was giving me the death glare yesterday is being a little lenient with my laptop privileges. And I got some very nice DS games. Granted it's a bitch  to play but hey it's not like you need 2 hands to play "Pokemon", "Advance Wars: Dual Strike", and "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors".

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Yeah that's right, I've survived. Granted I'm in the hospital.


Christ, ever since I started this blog I seem to have become a lightning rod for pain.

But yeah, unlike the last couple of stays, I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon. I was out for an entire day after I was brought in. I was lucky enough to get room on the 5th floor so I feel somewhat safe.

My spelling and grammar is probably going to horrible so bear with me.

What I had seems to be similar to what happened in Avondale (I have spent all morning trying to catch up on everything) but definately on a smaller scale. Apparently, there was a mass slaughter at one of the nearby cemetary. Now if I wasn't being stalked by Him, I'd just account it to them some Satanic cult summoning gone awry. There always been some weird juju that goes down in the cemetary and the roads that lead to it. But, given my circumstances, I assuming that our town had a small sect of Slenderists (the weird cult/religion that looks to Slendy as a god, I know theres another name but I really do not feel like looking it up) and well shit went down there cause it to go on a rampage.

And given my Tulpa-esque theory that I follow (Slendy using fear as a magnetic for his meals), my fear and uneasiness was probably like a beacon for Him.

What I saw when he reached my apartment, He was...

Damn, he was a beast. I gonna' try and describe this the best that I can. He gained a couple feet, but was hunched. He blanked stuck out among a mass, this complex mass of black. His suit was torn up, his hand were more like claws

There were a alot of tentacles.

Apparently, in this form or whatever it is, Slendy does not give a damn about that 3rd floor. It fucking leapt up onto the walkaway!.Several tentacles smashed through my windows as It made It's way in. I fired of my taser which barely did anything for something that big. I went for my crossbow but before I could fire it off a tentacle wrapped around my ankle and slammed me into to the wall. I felt like my brain bounced all around  my skull and my hearing was muffled.

According to the doctor a small piece of debris piercing my ear drum or something like that. I was still a little woozy to comprehend much. All I know is that I'm going to be temporarilly deaf in my right ear.

I shook it off and managed to fire off a s Slendersludge covered arrow, hitting It in the shoulder. The tentacle let go of me as it reeled back. I loaded another one and got him in the knee, and it was enough to make him stagger enough for me to stumble out of there. I did catch a glimpse of what I believe was the scar that Valerie noticed.

Everything was kinda' hazy from here. I remember grabbing my laptop (which came out all banged up but working) stumbling out and hoofing it the blunt part of the tentacle just slamming me in the chest. I remember a Slendersludge cocktail that the both of us got burned with. I remember some poor on-lookers from the apartment next door who met a horrible end. I remember the shit being knocked out of me. I remember the police intercepting it, one officer took in the car in hauled it to the hospital. I remeber screaming. Lots of screaming.

All in all I suffered a concussion, several cuts, my right ankle, arm, and wrist (yeah, typing with one arm is a bitch)  as well as several ribs are broken, temporary deafness (I guess that's the right word) in my right ear, Second-degree burns on my left arm, and my face is a fucking mess.

Funny thing. The first thing I thought when I heard of my injuries was "Well, this is going to fuck up my graduation plans."

The news is trying to pass it off as some crazed gunman but everything else is vague.

Through all of what happened two nights, what happened last year, what happened in Avalon, what Valerie said, and what Mary said in Zeke's interview, I have developed this rough theory.

- There is something about the Solstice that I believe sort of opens a large hole for more of Slendy's true form to emerge. This makes him larger, stronger, less intimidated by height. Slendy on steroids basically.

-There is a double-edged sword to this however. Somehow during this process of him emerging, it makes him more vulnerable. I think the best comparison I can make is to think of it like when an anime character powers up and the other character have to hold off the bad guy because the powering up character is wide open. He's more prone to injury. This could explain the scar that Valerie saw, which I believe was most likely caused by Zero or one of the other runners from last year's Solstice. This also seem to alter his personality. He seems more primal, less calculating and quick with finishing it's prey, certainly less subtle about making his presence known. Slender Sickness doesn't seem to have the effect it normally does and It seems to have difficulty Slenderwalking. I only assume this because it could have easily dodged my arrows by Slenderwalking.

-In regards to him being prone to injury, I'm unsure if it can feel pain or if it's body just staggered back as part of a natural response.

Well, I must be off for now. My good arm is getting tired and I think the nurse is giving me a death glare for working this long.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And the night of the solstice begins.

I've realized that my last couple of post have been vague. Over the last couple of days, Slendy's just seemed different. He looks taller. Everything about him just seems less human-esque about him.

The Grigori left me a message on my door the other day as well "Have fun on the Solstice!"

I would have mentioned it sooner but...well I've been on edge for the last week of so. The complex is practically abandonned since most of the students left to visit their families. The emptiness of it all makes me feel rather vulnerable and it's just so unnerving. It's a silly reason but it's truth. I just can't get my thoughts together when I'm anxious.

Anywho, I've on full alert today and....


He's still....


Something is just off about Him....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Admitting mistakes.

I shouldn't have gotten him involved.

I made such an amateur mistake.

Changing his name obviously didn't do a damn thing.

 "Seth", actually I may as well use your real name, Jacob was found dead this morning. He had apparently been missing since Sunday and was found in national park close to here this morning. Some tied him up to a tree and stabbed him so many times that he was basically a human pin cushion.

Jacob, I'm...I'm so sorry. I should have known better. I was just so fucking gung-ho about figuring out this slendersludge that I threw caution to the wind. I should have told you the risks. We were only friends for a couple of years, but you were a damn fine friend during that time.

Thanks for everything and again...I'm sorry. This is all my fault...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prepare for the Winter

God, these anxiety attacks have been doing a number on me. I just seem to be getting every others, nothing too bad that a little clonazePam can't extinguish the fire. But they are living me so drained.

Now, my brain is so very fuddled right now so my memory is next to shot but I swear I remember a prominant blog talking about how Slender Man was the strongest at the Winter Solstice. If that's the case and I think it might have been, I'm bunkering down.

Stay strong, Stay Alive.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Playhouse Creatures

So I went to the theatre again to view our production of "Playhouse Creatures" last night.

Surprisingly, The Grigori wasn't there.

I guess there wasn't the "right amount of chaos"(as he would probably say it), or something like that.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rambling, Manifestos, Something.

To the Proxy who had the balls to show up at my new testing site for Slendersludge weaponry to take advantage of my hospitallity:

I would offer you your arm back but...well, it's kinda' all over the place.

Yeah when I said I was gonna' make you go boom I was not just talking.

Yeah, I've just been in an utterly terrible mood as of late. When I'm this mood, any abillity to recognize what is socially acceptable just shuts down and it normally results in me being weepy, volitile, or having some fucked up sense of humor (Again Lis and Tia, so sorry for the one remark).

With the fall of Hope, Konaa MIA/KIA, and Blake getting snatched up, it's just...stressful

The killer is that I don't know any of these people personally, I mean I've talked to Elaine via e-mail and Lis once, but I've never met face-to-face with anyone.

And yet I find myself so emotionally invested.

And I don't care for that.

I've always been someone numb when comes to emotions and reading the emotions of others. An Asperger's thing I suppose. I mean hell, when I feel intense emotions they've physically harmed me on occasion. Sure I can act like I'm experiencing them, I'm a theatre major after all, but inside they are always at the bare minimum. But the last two and a half years, those intense ones just keep coming up.

But I just rambling off stuff now.

On to why there is a Proxy with a missing arm.

Over the last couple weeks I had resumed Slendersludge research (which I will probably post later), needless to say, I lied about it being on hiatus. Oldest trick in the book I know but I felt safer if certain enemies thought I had given up. I also moved my research to an abandonned building. I need some place bigger. I had spent most of my thanksgiving break holed up in there. All of the shit that went down was just too much for me. I needed to vent. So I went about trying to create some new shit to use. Last night, someone showed up saying they read my post and wanted shelter. Now given that I had not given this location up to anyone, this dumbass was trying to play me for a fool. I let him in anyway as soon as I closed the door he went at me with a knife. It was a little dark so I had trouble dodging and got a few slashes in the process. After knocking him back I went to the work table, flicked on the light and grabbed a crossbow I had bought recently.

It's funny, I can hold a crossbow steady but not a gun. Go figure.

And now I present to you my new weapon:

Slendersludge has the explosive power of a firecracker. Especially on impact. So I got the idea coating arrows with this stuff.

I fired the arrow off, as he charged towards me Since it was still dark, my aim was off so I think I got him in that fleshy inside of his left elbow. BOOM! His arm just ripped apart. The Proxy let out a shrill howl of pain and quickly passed out.

Unfortunatly for me I'm too much of a nice guy, and it was going to be a bitch to clean up, so I wrapped the wound up pretty tight and dumped the poor schmuck near a hospital. I saw a couple of guys who I assumed for his commrades pick him up as I drove away, so I'm assuming he is okay. Right?

I know it was probably a tad cruel but damn it I was just not in the mood to be fucked.

But to everyone who is suffering from the events of the last week, I wish there was something I could say but words just fail me.

Scratch that.

I'm going to try and word this the best that I can. So many of you have trying to make some sort of difference. Whether it's saving civilians from getting involved in this mess, trying to find answers, trying to make a refuge even if that means taking a risk and making a deal with devil, or even just surviving be it alone or in a group. Sure there have been sucesses and failures. Some of you have lost your sanity. For some, your freedom.

You've lost friends, family, the ones you love.

Some of you have even lost your lives in the process.

But dammit, you guys have done SOMETHING. You went out of there and decided at some point that you weren't just going to let him get. Even by running you were fighting him. Even when things seemed fruitless. There was just some hope that maybe someone could use your experiences and find some way to end this. At least that's what most of you do for me.

You give hope.

You give courage.

You give light.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So Hope was attacked, and I couldn't do a damn thing.

Geez, I feel useless. I mean, I'm only 3 hours away and even though I'm wounded and sick, I'm still capable of kicking ass.

Look to refugees of Hope. I'm opening up my place and my testing sites as a temporary refuge. Just hollar if you need it. And to any proxies who have the balls to take advantage of this offer to get to me or anyone else.

Bring it on bitches . I'll make ya' go boom.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soooooo sick.

As if healing from my wounds wasn't a pain in the arse, I'm also quite sick. We're talking bedridden sick here...again.

I think this stress is getting to me.

Worrying for my friends and family.

Defending myself against Slendy.

Devoting so much time to figuring how the counter Andras.

Let stop there for a second. I meant to bring this up a while back. To sum up my fight, I took something The Grigori said to heart and it worked. From what I can gather Andras is one of the newer Hunters (I'm sure there's an actual term but I'm too tired to look it up). Sure he is very skilled at what he does but lacks the...discipline I guess you could say. We both got out of the fight with quite a few wounds, various slashes for the both of us (more on my than him), a cracked rib or two on my part. I clonking his head hard on a brick wall a couple times (a tad brutish by my standards) so that probably did something. I wish he would've made it easier to tell if I hurt him. An "Ouch", a "shit", an "owie", anything. Instead, it's a grunt. Eventually we both had a clear opening (for me it was one of those moments where I was like "I'm taking you dow-oh shit you are too.") when a pole of some sort quickly came in between us. It was The Grigori's cane. He smiled and said "Sorry but we can't lose either of you yet." and I saw his cane swinging at my face. I have no idea what that thing is made of but the next thing I knew was in the hospital. The nurse said someone found me on campus. And ta-da we're back to where I'm at today.

So yeah at that things are going, I'm doubting that I'll be able to pop by Hope for Thanksgiving. Sorry Elaine :(

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm an idiot

The title says it. I'm an idiot. And I have been in so much pain for the last couple of days. The only thing I've been able to do his comment on people's blogs and piss off Nightscream.

As I said eariler I was bent on finding a weakness to Andras. I couldn't think of anything. I'll save the long story for when head isn't throbbing.

But to sum it up, I came to the conclusion that the only way to learn more about him is to clash with him again. So I attempted to lure him out.

Yes, feel free to chew my out about this. I deserve it. Even I'm slapping myself for this stupid decision.

But I lured him out.

And I think I know how to kick his sorry ass.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well my Slendersludge weapon development project is still on hold. My friend is still rather sore about his mustache getting burnt off.

I had no idea how attached he was to that thing.

But my biggest conundrum (Slendy excluded) is that I am stuck at trying to figure out how I can counter Andras if/when I have run into him again.
This guy is just too fucking fast for me and the taser barely did anything (although I don't remember how high it was turned up).

Everyone has a weakness, surely he has one too.


Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well, if The Grigori isn't going to tell me what the masked man's name is and is going go 'angels and demons' with his name, then I'm going to do the same.

Congrats masked man, your name is Andras.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well I went to see “Bare: A Pop Opera” and to my surprise our gent with the bowler was there.

But first, I have to get something off my chest

I fucking hate “Bare”.

I don’t hate the overall production. It’s a fun thing to try to pull together, and there are great casting opportunities, etc. etc.

But I fucking loathe the script and music. I feel like it’s trying to ride off the coats of Rent or something like that in regards to gay popera. Now yes, the struggles of two gay high schoolers trying to keep their lives private or public at a Catholic (it’s always Catholic) boarding school is an interesting concept and brings up some interesting issues. But it feels clich├ęd, slightly pretentious, and my god there are some stupid decisions made in this play!

Okay now that I let all that out, onto the matter at hand.

Now since there was designated seating this time around, the gent wound up on the other side of the theatre. I went to chat with him once intermission came around.

“Well, looks like you stayed for the show this time. This show doesn’t seem like your type.” I said as I approached him.

He looked up to me and gave a smile that pushed up his bushy mustache. “Yes, well I’ve never seen this show before and I’m open to new things. It’s not bad. There’s certainly plenty of festering chaos to satisfy me. I don’t care much for the music though.”

“You and me both.” I couldn’t resist cracking a smile at that remark.

“So Christopher-“

“Chris.” I cut him off “Chris, Mr. Schultz. Schultzy. Anything but Christopher.” I don’t necessarily hate my name, but there’s something that bugs me with 3+ syllable names.

He let out a light laugh. “Well Mr. Schultz, what can I do for you”

“I have questions.”

“Well my boy. I shall give you answers provided it’s information that I’m allowed to divulge. So I read your posts. Interesting encounter you had there.”

“Yeah about that, who the hell was that? The masked mad and the runner.”

“Ah, well I’m not permitted to give you his name just yet. As for the runner, he was some poor soul who was looking for at least one night of refuge and hoped you could give it. We were kind of hoping that he would get to your place and give a nice little opening past some of the more meddlesome traps you’ve fortified yourself with. Unfortunately, we did not expect you to show up when you did nor did we expect our masked man to get impatient. It was a debacle on our part.” He pushed up his glasses, for some reason he seemed ashamed that that night was such fuck-up.

I should have asked if the masked man was sent specifically for me.

“Alright then. So who hacked into my blog? Was it you? ” The fact that I felt like I was (at the least) partly responsible for this Runner getting killed was weighing pretty heavy on me. It still is.

He laughed “No, no, my boy. I’m an old man. I am technologically inept. Sure I check up on blogs and the like, but that’s the extent of my capabilities. The one who hacked our blog was just one of our comrades.” He stroked his ‘stache “I must say, he was quiet flustered when he returned. He was not expecting your traps at all.”

“Well, I’m glad to know that I’ve left a good impression.” A new question had popped in my mind. “So if keep abreast of the blogs, have you been reading The Mystic?”

“Mr. Strahm? Why yes I’ve been keeping my eye rather closely on him.”

“Then you’ve read his recent post.”

“Yes that gal Mary is quite the chatterbox.”

“So how accurate is she?”

“For the most part, everything said is accurate.”

“For the most part?”

“I cannot go any further into it than that.

“Well….were you involved in that weird cult.”

His eyebrows furrowed. “I would never associate myself with that lot. There’s-“ The lights began to dim as intermission was ending. He smiled “Well Mr. Schultz, it looks like the show’s about to resume. I’d suggest you take your seat.”

He was forced to go back to my seat and endure the rest of the show. However I did manage to ask one last thing: “What should call you?”

“Good question. Hmm…I can’t give you my real name so…Call me The Grigori.”

Once the show was over I went to continue my conversation with The Grigori but he was long gone.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Going to the theatre again tonight.

I wonder if the gent with the bowler is going to be there. He didn't seem like the musical type.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

May or May Not

I may or may not have gone to a Halloween Party last night.

I may or may not have gone as the greastest director/writer/actor/producer (note the sarcasm) Tommy Wiseau.

I may or may not have had an awesome time for most of it.

I may of may not have said "Oh hai Mark" and "You are tearing me apart Lisa!" one too many times.

I may or may not have gotten slightly drunk.

Someone may or may not have watched Marble Hornets and decided to come as Slender Man.

That someone may or may not have had a somewhat convincing costume.

I may or may not have seen that someone come in.

That someone may or may not have come up behind me without warning.

I may or may not have flipped out when I saw what I though was Slender Man standing behind me.

I may or may not have slugged Slender Man.

I may or may not have slugged Slender Man so hard I knocked him unconscious and caused him to fall into a table full of drink.

It may or may not have been strangly satisfying.

I may or may not have kicked out of the party.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

And What Have We Learned?

I'm back in action! Well I'm still a bit sick, but I'm not decked out on medications so hopefully no more blog comments riddled with spelling errors and missing words!

But more importantly, time to experiment with the Slendersludge!

I managed to grab a large empty shed with the help of my friend Seth (name changed to protect his identity) to use and I also enlisted his help since he's a chemistry major.

So what have we learned?

1) With the right(?) chemicals, Slendersludge can be incredibly volitile.

2)Mustaches and goatess/beards can be just as easily singed off as eyebrows. Seth can vouche for this. Now I was lucky enough not to lose my eyebrows. This is because I covered them. As vain as it sounds, I like my eyebrows. They are...defining. They add a bit of charater to me. I had a feeling something bad would happen so I covered them.
Seth on the other hand. is now royally pissed at me and is now sporting the sides of a rough Fu Manchu moustache on his face. The sides and NOTHING ELSE.

3) I introduce our first weapon: The Slender-tov Cocktails (tentative name). Okay they are just like Molotov Cocktails except they seem to go off a little faster.

Hey, It's a start right?

Friday, October 28, 2011


Well, in some lighter news. I'm officially set up for my final semester of college. Holy crap, does time fly. I'm gonna save the reminiscing for when I'm actually grduating. But hey, with my standards now set to "D is for Diploma", I can set aside some time for more fun. Nothin' will hold me back!

Okay, who the fuck am I kidding, I'm the most reclusive theatre major you will ever meet (and this was BEFORE my stalking by Slendy).

But still, it's worth a shot.

Also, I have managed to get ahold of a hefty amount of slendergoop/slendersludge/black stuff (by means of which I probably shouldn't disclose). Now I can concocted some nifty new weapons ^^

...Now how do I test something like this when most of the fields are so dry they are practically kindling?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sorting things out

So, all of the stress has made me a tad ill. I'm presently decked out on meds so forgive me if things are slightly incoherent.

So I've been pondering why that Runner was in the courtyard and I came up with a few theories

1) It was pure coincidence.
2) He may have had a generalize guess as to where I was. I've realized that I haven't really been subtle with my location. I mean, at least not subtle enough. I'm really hoping this isn't the case otherwise...I'm technically responsible for this guy's death...
3) Maybe he was Slenderwalked there and used to deliver a message to me or something...I don't know.

Dear God, I just can't-
I really don't want it to be #2.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

His Turn

Okay so I’ve had some time to sort things out. Jesus Christ last night was one @#!*% of night.

Well first, yesterday I found out that the guy who made my trench knives and some of my other special weaponry was found dead on Sunday. Apparently he was shot in car-jacking gone awry. I’d like to hope (as uncomfortable for me as that sounds) that was simply the case and not something far worse. If by some chance his family is reading this, I’m so sorry for your loss. He was incredibly talented in his crafted. I was there was more that I could say but didn’t know him on a personal level and I’m really not good at this kind of thing.

As for last night, forgive the slight incoherency and spelling errors of my post. When you think you are about to die, spelling isn’t really a concern.

We despite my drive to graduate college, I have a rather lazy side to me that tends come out and really when it comes to my essays, my best stuff comes when I pull it out of my @#!*% .

But I digress.

I leaving the library and entered the main campus courtyard when I spotted someone running. I hid behind a small rock wall to observe. I noticed a familiar symbol on his arms: a crudely made Operator’s Symbol. A Runner? All of the sudden his stopped and a bit of metal peeking out of his chest. There was someone behind him. The Runner just had a shocked look on his as he was stabbed several more times.

As the Runner slumped to ground, I got a good look at the assailant. The man (I’m assuming) was rather tall. No where near as tall as Slendy but certainly taller than me. I’d estimate about 6’7”. He was wielding something similar to a wakizashi (I’ve been busy doing research on that), and on a hoodie jacket. The most distinguishable about him was the mask he had on, it was white and instead of eyeholes, it was something more of a black visor. The first thing that came to my mind were the visors that the Imperial Sentinels had in Return of the Jedi.

I took out my trench knives and my hands trembled, his head hooked towards me and he dashed towards me. This guy was @#!*% fast. Not superpower fast (thank God) but borderline Olympic Runner level. He leapt up on the wall (oh grand he knows parkour too) and plunged his sword down and our blades clashed. He leapt down and kept going at me with such proficient strikes. I was forced to go on the defense the whole time.

Out the corner of my eye I saw Him. Slender Man was by the Runner’s body and saw a tentacle lift up the Runner by the ankle. Then I saw the Runner blink and twitch. @#!*% , he was still alive! Slendy then proceeded to…well, I know have a good idea of how he removes all of his victim’s organs.

The assailant was relentless so I didn’t see every instant of the above event but I saw enough. This guy was just a monster. I slashed at his arm but he didn’t seem unhindered at all. He didn’t even make some sort pained response. I managed to hit him with a taser but he recovered from that rather quickly. Luckily it gave me enough time to get away and back to my apartment but dear god he caught up fast. On a small note, I noticed that his mask was made of wood and finely crafted. For a good remainder of the night he was hovering out side of my apartment almost like some sort of animal before finally leaving. Honestly, I couldn’t fight back if I tried. This guy is way out of my league. And by that time, I was worn out. While I can hold my own, my stamina doesn’t last as long as most. I don’t know why, it’s just always been like that since I was a kid.

I went to the courtyard the next morning, expecting to find a crime or something. But there was nothing. Zip, zilch, nada, nothing. There wasn’t a single trace of blood.

I’m still trying to piece so much together. What was that Runner doing there? What the @#!*% was the guy with the mask? What exactly are his ties with Slendy? Why didn’t Slendy take advantage of this moment to kill me?

Ugh, all of this is making my head hurt.

Well, I guess the old man might have been right.
“Some folks don’t take to kindly to smartasses”

What the fuck is the thing Stopfucking hovering round my woindow

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Night at the Theatre

Well, this blog was bound to get hacked at some point.

To whoever the culprit may be, first and foremost, fuck you. Second, red italicized text and alternating colors? Jesus Christ man couldn't you at least be a little original. Well you centered it you so I guess that's a little different. And third, given the traces of blood, it seems you met with one of my traps. Hope you enjoyed it.

As to why I left my laptop alone, that is because I was attending a show last night. I do not like to miss out on watching my peers perform. Needless to say, I can't bring my laptop with me because will, it kinda' makes me feel like a dick.

The performances itself was great. I always loved "Fuddy Meers". But last night, something stood out. Please bear with me with this, I am utterly exhausted so I may seem a bit incoherent.

The theatre the performance is in is quite small so I always make sure to show up as early as I can. There is one seat that I am especially fond of. However tonight, someone had beaten me there. Trying assert some of my territorial dominance I sat to him. This guy was clad in a suit, needless to say, I breathed a sigh of relief when saw he had a face. But really, a suit to a comedy? He looked to be in maybe his late 60s. I don't know it's really hard to identify age these day. He had bowler resting in his lap and small pair of glasses resting on his nose. What really caught my eye was the gray bushy moustache he had. He looked like what I envision my grandfather would look like. I noticed the cane hooked on the side of the aisle seat so I was little more forgiving, but I was still think "You bastard! You took my fucking spot!"

I flipped through the program for a bit when I heard him speak up.

"I always enjoy these kind of plays." he said. He spoke in one of those classy Southern accents. Y'know like from a tycoon who owns a mansion and his Southern Belle wife asks if you'd like to come on up to the veranda and set a spell.

"You mean comedies?" I asked. I wasn't expecting him to have anything interesting to say but I figured I'd go along.

"Well yes. But I enjoy the deeper...what the word? Theme? Setting behind it. When character's hold some sort of life-changing secret. It's always interesting to see how they act when they think it's going to be unveiled. The chaos that comes from it is...entertaining." I simply nodded, going along with him. He pointed out to the actress who preset on the stage, 'sleeping' in the bed. "And our dear girl Claire is a most interesting person to experience this. You can just cause all chaos, throw all these 'truths' at her, and she just forgets it the next day."

Now, I've read the script before so I knew what to expect, but seriously what a jackass for spoiling bits of the play.

"Yeah I suppose so." I said, I really didn't like holding conversations with strangers.

"But what I enjoy most is watching when people keep those secrets so bottled up that it just eats away it them." he chuckled to himself "That's just me."

I was taken aback, it was something that you don't expect to hear from some stranger, especially a kindly looking old man.

"I'm sorry. I guess I'm just rambling old man, sorry to waste your time." He stood up and put his bowler on, taking his cane with him. Why on earth would he be leaving before the show began?

After he went up the first step he turned around, his gaze was now very cold. "By the way. I'd suggest you watch how you wave to people." His voice at a threatening tone to it "Some folks don't take to kindly to smartasses."

I froze. How the fuck could he now about that?

I tried to watch and enjoy the show but really how could I after that.

My spot was available, but for some reason the thought of sitting there after he did made me sick to my stomach.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silly silly Raggedy Man

You can't take your laptop everywhere

Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Ponderings

No real news, I just feel like posting some random stuff.

-I kind of feel bad that Slender Man will probably never be able to give someone a legimate high-five.

-I also feel bad that he can't enjoy playing video games.

-On that note, Slendy if you are reading this (if you can even read): Quit fucking with mine!!

-I cross my fingers that one day, Slendy accidently Slenderwalks into a landmine or a bear trap or something.

-Interesting fighting match-ups: Slender Man vs.
- Chuck Norris (oh c'mon you saw that coming a mile away)
- The Kite-Eating Tree from "Peanuts"
- Captain Falcon
-The Goddamn Batman
- Michael Bolton (I know he'll die, I just fucking hate Michael Bolton)
- Brian Boitano (cause Brian Boitano doesn't take shit from anybody)
- Anyone else got any ideas?

-I'm not sure which is scarier, Slender Man or the porn that has resulted from Him and all the bloggers. Damn Rule 34.

- I think I'm going to buy myself one of those big, good ole' fashioned, Tony Soprano fuck-off ci gars. It's not that I smoke, but I think it could be a good morale booster for myself when I am engaged in combat.

You may wonder why I seem to be cracking jokes about my situation. Well to be honest, my sense of humor is one the few things that's keeping me sane.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

And Gone Again

So for the lack of updates, college got in the way and I refuse that let that bastard get in my way when I am so close to graduating.

Speaking of bastards, Slendy has been M.I.A. again. I'm hoping this is just the calm after the shitstorm that was August and September. I mean, for the first time in a while we actually managed to go a week without a blogger dying so that's a good sign right?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Exodus to Texas

I guess that's an appropriate title for this new chapter in the war against Slender Man.

For those few of you who are out of the loop, Elaine has set up a little safe haven for runners and it seems that they are most certainly flocking there. So to all of you who haven't been here before, welcome.

Y'know, I kind of wished I was able to go out up there and help or meet some of the other Slenderstalked. But given my circumstances I wouldn't be to spend much time there if I did go up there.

But enough wallowing in my self-pity.

Normally I would adamantly be against a mass gathering of runners in one area but somehow, I have a gut feeling that Elaine can pull this off.

And 90% of the time, my gut is right.

Also, to all those who are smokers (at any point when you are travelling through Texas, please be respectful a dispose of your cigarettes properly. Our grass has basically become kindling so the last thing we need is a wildfire on top of dealing with Him.
Thank you for your courtesy.

Hello Old Friend

Well, He's back.

I was kind of hoping He actually had forgotten about me. One can dream.

I found Him standing outside my apartment in his usual spot. Feeling like a smartass I gave Him one of those over enthusiastic waves that said "Hey old buddy! Long time no see! Whatcha' been up to?"

I'm not sure if I would have laughed my ass off or shit myself if He had waved back.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Clean Bill of Health

Alrighty, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health and my right arm is back in action!

Aaaaaaaaaand in hindsight, that probably could have been worded a little better.

But yeah, I can fight to my full potential again. And just in time too because the boys in brown delivered to me what I have been waiting for; my special ordered weaponry.

Trench knives! But not just any trench knives. God bless my friend, the blades are retractable so they are pocket friendly (granted my pants are now slightly baggy to make room), the handles look more similar to the a rapier and less like brass knuckles (since brass knuckles are illegal). And they work like a fucking  dream.

It's kinda' funny. When I hold a gun my hands shake to no end and my aim is terrible, but when I wield a blade I am so precise and at ease. Perhaps my brains finds something that has the capabillity to hack, slash, and stab less intimidating than something that could blow someone's brains out.

On a side note, still no signs of Slender Man or Proxies, and I haven't been having bad dreams. I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but I really think He's preparing for something.

Friday, October 7, 2011 Slendy or Proxies the last couple of days.

Not that I'm complaining. I need a break.

But....something doesn't feel right. I better refortify my place just to be sure.

Also I got a special order on a nifty new piece of weaponry that should be here in a couple of days. I can't wait! Took almost half of my Yu-gi-oh! collection to pay for it (thank God for my abillity to pulled ridiculously expensive cards) but it is going to be worth it!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shit ...Fighting with one arm is quite the hassle...just need to hold out for four more days.

I don't know why but my body has been acting weird lately. There are some points when I just feel really wired, bouncing of the walls and everything. Then there are points when I feel drained. And then there points when I feel dizzy and there a tingling sensation in my chest. I don't think it's Slendersickness....

Also I don't know why but the Proxies seem to be...different. Maybe they're becoming faster, more efficient and cooperative..has Slendy decided to take the kiddie gloves off. Or, and this is another one of my wild theories, could Proxies be capable of evolving?

Also I can proudly say that in the 2 years I've been stalked by Slender Man. I have lost 50 pounds!
Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


Ever headbutted a Proxy?


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Idea! Bad Idea!

Now granted, these are probably more along the lines of personal opinion but I think it also poses an interesting theory. And if this has already been brought up, well I'm just running over it again.

Good Idea!

Taking on Proxies in Groups.


Well these guys are the lackeys, minions, nowhere near on the level of Him. More comrades (preferably those you can trust) make dispatching of them so much easier. Granted circumstances may vary.

Bad Idea!

Taking on Slender Man in a group.


This is just a little thing that has been bouncing around my head. Slender Man is basically a being that feeds off of fear. The more we fear him the strong he gets.
Which makes me things that we all have an individual Slendy to deal with. All of our experience seem to differ with our encounters of him, and I believe that the experiences are based on our types of fear. For example: I seem to deal with Proxies a lot more frequently then others but they seem to be particularly weak compared to others. I believe this stems from a rather irrational fear I have of being attacked by a mob for my past acts.
What I am getting at is, theoretically, if a group of people try taking on Slender Man at once, they are going to be facing a Slender Man that is a combination of all of their fears (giving you a Slender Man on steroids).
I'm also not putting it past Him to put a group against multiple Slender Men.
God help us all of that happens.

Perhaps this has already been brought up. Perhaps this is just incoherant rambling on my part. I just felt like I had to bring this up because it's been gnawing away at me for a while.

Now if you excuse I gotta go pop some pain killers, my shoulder is fucking killing me.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Addition to my To-Do List

After discovering some info about this Slendergoop . I'm kind of hoping to get ahold of some and make some nifty weapons.

Also, considering investing in an auto-crossbow.
Slender Man did his rounds last night and we had another staring contest

For the record the score is

Slender Man- 369
Me- 1 (I swear I saw him twitch, I'm counting it)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Findings Thus Far 2

I also had a theory for stopping the Slenderwalking but it resulted in me being warped to my parents house (an hour away) with a lost night of memories and a dislocated shoulder which I'm presently nursing.

Findings Thus Far

Here's what I've learned thus far in my fight.

As evil and malicious as He is, He is quite courteous. So if you are taking a shower, using the bathroom, or tending to more *ahem* personal matters, worry not because Slender Man will not attack you. Afterwards however is a completely different story.

The most interesting thing. I think I managed to hurt him. I'm not sure what the hell happened.
It was about 6 months ago, I was stepping out of car at the parking lot to my apartment at night donned a headband with the Operator's Mark on it. Before I even closed the door and damned proxy jumped me. This was before in instigated my policy of keeping my MP3 player around at I fell back into my car as it pounced on me and began pummeling the shit out of me. I managed to reach up and grabbed his head, slamming it into the dashboard. I shoved him out and fumbled around the back seat to grab my bat. I slid out and clubbed the poor fucker until he was a pulp, before I can lay a killing blow I felt all the wind knocked out of me.

The next thing I knew I was slammed against the fence. I peeked up and managed to get enough of a glimpse to see who else but Slender Man Himself before I broke down into a debilitating coughing fit. I couldn't tell you if He was walking towards me or if I was being pulled to Him. All I could think was

"Shitshitshitshitshit this is it, it's over."

Then something came over me, it'd like to think I was just being stubborn. I rememberd the bat which my left hand held in a death grip. For a moment, I got over the Slendersickness long enough to swing it at His right knee.

I shakily stood as I watched Him buckle to His knees. It looked up. I'd like to say it was at me but the guy doesn't have a face so for all I know He could've been looking at the sky. He just seemed stunned. I didn't stay to see how long it would last. I hauled ass to my room and spent the rest of the night sobbing.


The second time was much quicker and happened a month later. I was leaving my place for the summer so I was packing up and putting it into my car. I had my headband on and MP3 in when I heard that crazy interference. And there He was. Slendy. I wasn't going to be caught off guard and fired off my taser into Him. The shock stunned Him enough for me to get out there. Unfortunatly that was the loss of my first taser since I didn't take the time to pull those electro-thingies out.

So in conclusion, He isn't invincible.

But why was he stunned?

I think perhaps it might have been based around M's theory of him not comprehending a human towering above Him. I also think He might be weak in the legs. I mean, those skinny legs are holding up so much it would be like pushing down an upside-down pyramid.

We could also just charm my ego and consider that maybe I'm just that awesome.

But the question that has boggled me, why didn't he Slenderwalk? Especially I got him with the bat. I don't recall the band looking at him.


I guess this is to cover a little more about me in general as well as my time with The Tall One.

I'm a rambler and scatterbrained when it comes to my thoughts so don't be surprised if things are out of place or ridiculously random.

I've subjected myself to bad music, movies, books, shows, etc. , that I think I could be justified as being a masochist.

I have Asperger's Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, fructose intolerance, and acid reflux. I'm on a lovely colorful cocktail of medications.

I'm a tad eccentric, impulsive, assholeish at time (intentionally and unintentionally), blunt, and apparently I have a habit of unknowingly flirting with people.
Never be afraid to ask me any questions by the way.

As for Slender Man:
It's vague but when I think back to it, I was a scared little crybaby as a kid. I was afraid of the dark, loud noises, hell I was afraid and on edge at everything. But around when Star Wars Episode I came out, my dad got me one of those large giant cardboard stand of Qui-Gon Jinn. After that, I was less skittish, slept soundly and didn't cry (as much).
But after I commited my crime, I grew paranoid especially since I wasn't officially arrested until a couple months afterwards. But through all that time I was paranoid about them coming and then after that I had the exaggerated fear of people coming after me.

I feel that Slender Man fed off of that fear and manifested because of it.

On the Battlefield

I am a Runner.

I guess.

I’m not exactly running. Hell , I can’t run.

I’m burdened with prior regrettable bad acts that as result have left me unable to go anywhere without informing the authorities which truthfully is a pain in ass . So when the time to take action came, it left me with two choices:

1) Stay in my apartment and occasionally my parents house and risk the attacks from Proxies and inevitable assault from Slendy.

2)Go on the run, risk getting arresting for the rest of my life, get arrested, wait for the inevitable assault from Slendy, and most likely get raped in the process.

So obviously I went with choices number 1.

Over time, I have learned that being stuck in one place has had it’s pro and cons.


-I’m terrible when it comes to change (an Asperger’s thing perhaps) so it saves from any unnecessary breakdowns.

-I get to observe my enemies.

-I don’t have to worry about starving.

-I’m in an area I’m familiar with which proves to be advantageous.

-Near 24/7 Internet access.


-Slendy and friends know where I am.

- Fuckin' Slenderwalking

-Small place and lots of people so I have to try my damnedest not to attract attention.

- No real breaks between attacks.

For the record: I love lists.

My defenses:

-I live on the 3rd floor. While it does not stop proxies, it stops Slender Man. According to M it’s because He has trouble comprehending a human being taller than Him, or something like that.

-Also following M, I have 7ft “guards” with masks looking over my front door and both of my windows.

-Following M again, I needed “eyes”. I wanted to make sure that I was covered from all degrees. So, I commissioned a friend to knit me up a ski cap that had a bunch of eyes on it. And God bless her for not questioning why I would want something so hideous or what purpose a ski cap would serve in the middle of a Texan summer.

-I have a lovely plethora of fine-crafted weaponry and traps. (Firearms excluded since I am not allowed to own them, and I doubt I could fire them anyway since my hands are far to shaky to aim properly. Wait, do stun guns count as fire arms?)

-My MP3 player (yeah I’m a bit old fashioned, don’t judge). Not only does the right kind of music tend to be motivating and/or soothing, but due to Slendy and friends knack for screwing around with nearby electronics it’s practically a radar for when they are nearby. This does mean you’ll be shelling out money for batteries and there have been a couple of instances where that electronics interference noise was so loud it practically blew out my ear drums.

Now, you may think it’s foolish of me to be putting all of this out in the open.

You’re probably right.

But you know what for as long as this has been going on, the enemy should fucking know this by now.


So I guess it’s finally time to start this.

Honestly I probably should have starting chronicling this when it started but I’ve sort of been putting it off. Perhaps it was due to my lazy nature, college, dealing with Him, the fear of getting my computer hacked, unintentionally dragging someone else into this, or any combination of the above.

However, with the way things are going in my battle with the one known as Slender Man and the fact that so many other bloggers seem to falling to him at an alarming rate as of late, I suppose it is time for me to step up.

To start things off, if you want a better grasp of Slender Man you best bets or “The Tutorial”, “By Wary of These”, “compileTRUTH”, "The London Librarian", and “Seeking Truth” (and it’s follow-up “The Mystic”). I have followed these guys almost religiously in order to grasp a better idea of what I’m up against.

A fair warning: I am not as blessed with the gift or prose as M, Dia, Ava, and Zeke are. I doubt I could ever reach the level of caliber that they have in regards to detailing their experiences. I’m only doing this because I wish to get out what ever information about Him that I can in case something happens to me.

I just hope that maybe, in some way, I can help someone.