Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Idea! Bad Idea!

Now granted, these are probably more along the lines of personal opinion but I think it also poses an interesting theory. And if this has already been brought up, well I'm just running over it again.

Good Idea!

Taking on Proxies in Groups.


Well these guys are the lackeys, minions, nowhere near on the level of Him. More comrades (preferably those you can trust) make dispatching of them so much easier. Granted circumstances may vary.

Bad Idea!

Taking on Slender Man in a group.


This is just a little thing that has been bouncing around my head. Slender Man is basically a being that feeds off of fear. The more we fear him the strong he gets.
Which makes me things that we all have an individual Slendy to deal with. All of our experience seem to differ with our encounters of him, and I believe that the experiences are based on our types of fear. For example: I seem to deal with Proxies a lot more frequently then others but they seem to be particularly weak compared to others. I believe this stems from a rather irrational fear I have of being attacked by a mob for my past acts.
What I am getting at is, theoretically, if a group of people try taking on Slender Man at once, they are going to be facing a Slender Man that is a combination of all of their fears (giving you a Slender Man on steroids).
I'm also not putting it past Him to put a group against multiple Slender Men.
God help us all of that happens.

Perhaps this has already been brought up. Perhaps this is just incoherant rambling on my part. I just felt like I had to bring this up because it's been gnawing away at me for a while.

Now if you excuse I gotta go pop some pain killers, my shoulder is fucking killing me.

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