Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Yeah that's right, I've survived. Granted I'm in the hospital.


Christ, ever since I started this blog I seem to have become a lightning rod for pain.

But yeah, unlike the last couple of stays, I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon. I was out for an entire day after I was brought in. I was lucky enough to get room on the 5th floor so I feel somewhat safe.

My spelling and grammar is probably going to horrible so bear with me.

What I had seems to be similar to what happened in Avondale (I have spent all morning trying to catch up on everything) but definately on a smaller scale. Apparently, there was a mass slaughter at one of the nearby cemetary. Now if I wasn't being stalked by Him, I'd just account it to them some Satanic cult summoning gone awry. There always been some weird juju that goes down in the cemetary and the roads that lead to it. But, given my circumstances, I assuming that our town had a small sect of Slenderists (the weird cult/religion that looks to Slendy as a god, I know theres another name but I really do not feel like looking it up) and well shit went down there cause it to go on a rampage.

And given my Tulpa-esque theory that I follow (Slendy using fear as a magnetic for his meals), my fear and uneasiness was probably like a beacon for Him.

What I saw when he reached my apartment, He was...

Damn, he was a beast. I gonna' try and describe this the best that I can. He gained a couple feet, but was hunched. He blanked stuck out among a mass, this complex mass of black. His suit was torn up, his hand were more like claws

There were a alot of tentacles.

Apparently, in this form or whatever it is, Slendy does not give a damn about that 3rd floor. It fucking leapt up onto the walkaway!.Several tentacles smashed through my windows as It made It's way in. I fired of my taser which barely did anything for something that big. I went for my crossbow but before I could fire it off a tentacle wrapped around my ankle and slammed me into to the wall. I felt like my brain bounced all around  my skull and my hearing was muffled.

According to the doctor a small piece of debris piercing my ear drum or something like that. I was still a little woozy to comprehend much. All I know is that I'm going to be temporarilly deaf in my right ear.

I shook it off and managed to fire off a s Slendersludge covered arrow, hitting It in the shoulder. The tentacle let go of me as it reeled back. I loaded another one and got him in the knee, and it was enough to make him stagger enough for me to stumble out of there. I did catch a glimpse of what I believe was the scar that Valerie noticed.

Everything was kinda' hazy from here. I remember grabbing my laptop (which came out all banged up but working) stumbling out and hoofing it the blunt part of the tentacle just slamming me in the chest. I remember a Slendersludge cocktail that the both of us got burned with. I remember some poor on-lookers from the apartment next door who met a horrible end. I remember the shit being knocked out of me. I remember the police intercepting it, one officer took in the car in hauled it to the hospital. I remeber screaming. Lots of screaming.

All in all I suffered a concussion, several cuts, my right ankle, arm, and wrist (yeah, typing with one arm is a bitch)  as well as several ribs are broken, temporary deafness (I guess that's the right word) in my right ear, Second-degree burns on my left arm, and my face is a fucking mess.

Funny thing. The first thing I thought when I heard of my injuries was "Well, this is going to fuck up my graduation plans."

The news is trying to pass it off as some crazed gunman but everything else is vague.

Through all of what happened two nights, what happened last year, what happened in Avalon, what Valerie said, and what Mary said in Zeke's interview, I have developed this rough theory.

- There is something about the Solstice that I believe sort of opens a large hole for more of Slendy's true form to emerge. This makes him larger, stronger, less intimidated by height. Slendy on steroids basically.

-There is a double-edged sword to this however. Somehow during this process of him emerging, it makes him more vulnerable. I think the best comparison I can make is to think of it like when an anime character powers up and the other character have to hold off the bad guy because the powering up character is wide open. He's more prone to injury. This could explain the scar that Valerie saw, which I believe was most likely caused by Zero or one of the other runners from last year's Solstice. This also seem to alter his personality. He seems more primal, less calculating and quick with finishing it's prey, certainly less subtle about making his presence known. Slender Sickness doesn't seem to have the effect it normally does and It seems to have difficulty Slenderwalking. I only assume this because it could have easily dodged my arrows by Slenderwalking.

-In regards to him being prone to injury, I'm unsure if it can feel pain or if it's body just staggered back as part of a natural response.

Well, I must be off for now. My good arm is getting tired and I think the nurse is giving me a death glare for working this long.

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