Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas to most all of my fellow Runners and Fighters!

I wish only the best.

I gotta' admit, it feels weird being in the hospital on Christmas. It's kind of lonely. Even when your family pops by to visit you. They couldn't stay because I forced them to leave and blamed my hostility on my meds because of work.

At the nurse that was giving me the death glare yesterday is being a little lenient with my laptop privileges. And I got some very nice DS games. Granted it's a bitch  to play but hey it's not like you need 2 hands to play "Pokemon", "Advance Wars: Dual Strike", and "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors".


  1. I finished reading all the posts in like half an hour, along with the comments~ I feel so accomplished. Can't walk? Fuck that I'll read shit instead.
    I got an iPod touch that I strongly feel was stolen but Sky won't fess up to it. :P
    I'm sorry you have no be in the hospital for Christmas, it must suck. At least you have some pretty fun games lol. My inner nerd connects with you.l

  2. Yeah it is a bit of a pain. What sucks to most is the fact that I only have one hand to type with and my head just feels wonky for the damaged ear drum.

    Forgive me sounding a pig, but the fact that there are a couple hot nurses here makes my stay a little better. :P

  3. In regards to your previously posted theories, I believe there may be some level of merit to them. Certainly the Solstice is gaining some relative degree of significance beyond what was originally theorized. Much of the rest however likely ties into your own perceptions of the beast you fought that night. You're beginning to perceive the Construct differently than most see him... as such your findings may not have universal applications... but they could still be beneficial to you specifically. Experimentation would be necessary... too bad it'll be another year before anyone can really test it again.

  4. Wow, it actually holds some merit?

    Heh, I mean it's a rough theory so of course some things may not be applicable.

    But it's good to know I may actually be of some use in the fight against this bastard

  5. Well what about the Summer solstice and the Equinoxes?
    Aren't they also some how significant? If the Winter Solstice makes Slender Bastard strong, isn't it logical to think the Summer one makes him weak?

  6. Well generally the Core Theory was that it made him weaker.

    If my theory holds any ground, then that means he's stronger and weaker at the same time (what kind of state would you call that...). I doubt either Equinox phases him, granted my reasoning is that genre-savyness tells me that horrific abominations of evil don't care about the begining of Spring and Fall (with a few exceptions). There might be something with the Summer Solstice though.

  7. If I'm remembering my Core Theory correctly... which is hard to do in the days of the Missing Elephants... even Sage suggested that since the Winter Solstice is the "Longest Night" that it would seem to reason that the Construct would be strongest on such a night. It was the added symbolic aspect of the Winter Solstice being a "Return to the Light" that brought about the suggestion that the day might actually weaken him. So to suggest that the day is, in fact, a double edged sword seems pretty reasonable to me. Symbolically at least, the day presents an angle to take things in either direction.

    I'm not really up on my Summer Solstices, but if we're assuming that it's essentially a reverse of what the Winter Solstice is, thusly making it "the Longest Day" and "a Return to Darkness" (?) then it would indeed follow that such a day could also serve as the double edged sword you speak of. Apart from Zero making his second Last Stand on the date(although against a different creature that time), no one has ever attempted anything on the Summer Solstice, so I don't have any data to work with there. But if you're looking for an earlier date for experimentation... then it's worth a shot.