Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soooooo sick.

As if healing from my wounds wasn't a pain in the arse, I'm also quite sick. We're talking bedridden sick here...again.

I think this stress is getting to me.

Worrying for my friends and family.

Defending myself against Slendy.

Devoting so much time to figuring how the counter Andras.

Let stop there for a second. I meant to bring this up a while back. To sum up my fight, I took something The Grigori said to heart and it worked. From what I can gather Andras is one of the newer Hunters (I'm sure there's an actual term but I'm too tired to look it up). Sure he is very skilled at what he does but lacks the...discipline I guess you could say. We both got out of the fight with quite a few wounds, various slashes for the both of us (more on my than him), a cracked rib or two on my part. I clonking his head hard on a brick wall a couple times (a tad brutish by my standards) so that probably did something. I wish he would've made it easier to tell if I hurt him. An "Ouch", a "shit", an "owie", anything. Instead, it's a grunt. Eventually we both had a clear opening (for me it was one of those moments where I was like "I'm taking you dow-oh shit you are too.") when a pole of some sort quickly came in between us. It was The Grigori's cane. He smiled and said "Sorry but we can't lose either of you yet." and I saw his cane swinging at my face. I have no idea what that thing is made of but the next thing I knew was in the hospital. The nurse said someone found me on campus. And ta-da we're back to where I'm at today.

So yeah at that things are going, I'm doubting that I'll be able to pop by Hope for Thanksgiving. Sorry Elaine :(


  1. Hey, just heal up, kid. You can come see us another time

  2. Could this Grigori be a third-party possibly? Maybe a connection to totheark?