Sunday, October 30, 2011

And What Have We Learned?

I'm back in action! Well I'm still a bit sick, but I'm not decked out on medications so hopefully no more blog comments riddled with spelling errors and missing words!

But more importantly, time to experiment with the Slendersludge!

I managed to grab a large empty shed with the help of my friend Seth (name changed to protect his identity) to use and I also enlisted his help since he's a chemistry major.

So what have we learned?

1) With the right(?) chemicals, Slendersludge can be incredibly volitile.

2)Mustaches and goatess/beards can be just as easily singed off as eyebrows. Seth can vouche for this. Now I was lucky enough not to lose my eyebrows. This is because I covered them. As vain as it sounds, I like my eyebrows. They are...defining. They add a bit of charater to me. I had a feeling something bad would happen so I covered them.
Seth on the other hand. is now royally pissed at me and is now sporting the sides of a rough Fu Manchu moustache on his face. The sides and NOTHING ELSE.

3) I introduce our first weapon: The Slender-tov Cocktails (tentative name). Okay they are just like Molotov Cocktails except they seem to go off a little faster.

Hey, It's a start right?

1 comment:

  1. Please give me instructions on how to make these. I have never made Molotov cocktails much less Slender-tov ones.