Monday, October 10, 2011

Clean Bill of Health

Alrighty, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health and my right arm is back in action!

Aaaaaaaaaand in hindsight, that probably could have been worded a little better.

But yeah, I can fight to my full potential again. And just in time too because the boys in brown delivered to me what I have been waiting for; my special ordered weaponry.

Trench knives! But not just any trench knives. God bless my friend, the blades are retractable so they are pocket friendly (granted my pants are now slightly baggy to make room), the handles look more similar to the a rapier and less like brass knuckles (since brass knuckles are illegal). And they work like a fucking  dream.

It's kinda' funny. When I hold a gun my hands shake to no end and my aim is terrible, but when I wield a blade I am so precise and at ease. Perhaps my brains finds something that has the capabillity to hack, slash, and stab less intimidating than something that could blow someone's brains out.

On a side note, still no signs of Slender Man or Proxies, and I haven't been having bad dreams. I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but I really think He's preparing for something.


  1. Strange things have been happening all over Chris: unholy alliances, broken vows, courious killings, and even stranger behavior. I can't help but think how hilarious it would be to see that he has just up and forgotten you in all the changes, it would be just your luck.
    See you around

  2. Heh, I will never be that lucky.