Sunday, December 30, 2012

And We Shall Suffer Together...

Sorry I am late here, but Merry Christmas!

So I celebrated my Christmas with Proxies. It was actually a quiet, standard Christmas. Mira was unusually bubbly, humming to herself the whole day as she buried her face in a new book. Noah and I working on Christmas dinner. A honey-glazed ham, sweetened basil carrots, warm yeast rolls, and mashed potatoes. Add in hot chocolate and jovial conversation to the mix and you have yourself a lovely Christmas night.

And then we got food poisoning.

Yup, all three of us came down with food poisoning,

It's not a proud moment for any of us. We have been bedridden for the last couple of days, I've finally mustered up enough strength to type something down. I feel like you would have been left out on all of the festivities if I didn't post this and give you the lovely image of us vomiting. Oh yeah, y'all are going to suffer with us.

In other news, Noah has been a little more distant. He keeps clacking away on his laptop and stepping out and taking calls.  I know he's hiding something. Or hiding more than he normally does anyway. But even Mira seems to have no idea what's going on either. For all that talk about working together you'd think she'd be in on it.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to lie back down


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solstice 2012

So how was my Solstice. I got the hell out of town. I decided that being constantly on the move was better than waiting around. Sure, the Eyes kinda' mean the chances of Slendy showing are low but given that he tends to get feral and all, well I wasn't going to risk it. Mira and Noah thought I was nuts,

I went out and enjoyed some hot chocolate at a cafĂ©, acting like I was one those schmucks with spends there time working on the "next big novel". It was kinda' fun. I surprisingly even had a girl flirt with me. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are but, oh if only she knew. Does being stalked by a Fear label you as being "high-maintenance" in a relationship? Hell, does being a Proxy label you as being "high-maintenance"?

Sorry, my thoughts strayed.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I like the Holidays

As Noah said, we do not celebrate the holidays as a whole. But it does not mean that we celebrate them on our on. 

I like the month of December. There's a feeling of magic in the air and chill that comes before winter reminds me of home. 

My home from before. 

It brings back many memories. 

I am sorry. I am straying away. Father says dwelling too much on the distant past can be harmful. 

This season is making me happy especially we are not outside or having to stay in the dark  (shadows) for once. I actually slipped out and bought a small Christmas tree at one of those all-day stores. 

The next morning, Raggedy and Noah were surprised to see it. I acted like I knew nothing. (Is that what you were doing? It was hard to tell because, y'know, the mask.) (It was obvious it was you.) 

I wanted to spread some Christmas magic. I am not straight-laced all of the time. I am being to feel more at ease. I am not letting my guard down, but I do not feel like I should be as hostile to Raggedy as I have been.