Saturday, March 31, 2012

That Thing Better Not Have Rabies

I had had enough. I decided I was going to go out, throw caution (and probation) to the wind, and find Aura. was kind of a foolish idea given that all I knew is that the facillity was in New York but hey, I figured it was a start.

So I hop in my car, packed and ready to go, and noticed the Black Dog wasn't prowling around. The next thing I feel is a chomp in my right arm. For fuck's sake why is it always the right arm?! I didn't have time to analyze what happened but I could still feel my arm so I was thankful for that. I don't know how but the fucker  got in my car. It started barking and biting at me. It didn't feel like a normal animal bite. It burned. It's slobber felt like acid on my skins. I managed to open my door and get out. Within the seconds the beast was on top of me. I tried to keep it from biting me any further trying to push it's muzzle upward. I fumbled for anything. I managed to grab a stick and stabbed it in the eye. It gave me enough time to stagger back to my apartment. The hound didn't persue.  I spent a good portion of the night trying to stop the bleeding and apparently put an uncoherent post on here.

This morning I woke up and found not a scratch on me save for my right arm. There's a very strange mark that takes up a good portion of my forearm and it stings like hell. I retraced my steps of what I could remember. There was no blood trail. My car was in the same condition it was in, And there was the Black Dog, prowling around with no sign of any wound on his eye. It growled and waited for me to make a move.

I'm not sure what the hell happened. What does this beast want? It's not like I'm hiding anything. Or at least anything that I haven't told at least one person about.

Shit, this thing burns.
ghsfa son of bigtch 
thawht fuci ng mongrel bit me

go9d it hurts lke hell
dammm thing got in my car...fuvking poofred there or sumrthhing


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Small Observation

Things are going as normal as they can since my chat with the Grigori.

I am almost entirely aware of what I'm doing in blackouts and I've kept myself from scattering my cards all over the room. Being in those dimensional patches still drains my a little though.

As for the Black Dog, he continues prowling but doesn't do much else. Although when I go to my car, the Dog seems to get aggitated. He stops in his tracks, growls at me for a few seconds and then resumes prowling. I noticed that he doesn't seem to follow me where I go except when go to the graveyard.

And everyone, I have a feeling shit is going to down for all of us soon.


Stay safe.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tea Time With The Grigori

Well, after mulling over it for a couple days (okay, a week), I decided to go ahead post this:

Yup it's another one those times.

So, I'm surprised I have not established this on here yet but I LOVE hot chocolate. The time of the year does not matter at all, if I need an energy boost it is what I turn.

So I went out to the nearest *Redacted for the sake of my refusal to do a shameless plug* to get some and as I left, sitting at one of the tables outside was, who else.

The Grigori

Grigori: Well hello Mr. Schultz. It's certainly been awhile. Did you appreciate my gift?

(I take a seat, figuring I may as well try to enjoy my drink while I talk to the guy who, when we last met, smashed a cane down on my already broken leg. In hindsight, I have no idea what the hell  possessed me to make that choice)

Chris: Oh yeah...I gotta' say, it's not often I receive a tongue. Good to know that you're willing to hurt others just to please me.

G:  Now just relax. It was one of those...ah, what do they call them? Loops? It grew back.

C: I doubt that will make me feel anymore comfortable. (I take a sip and decide to change the subject). So, I see you are learning to use the Internet. How's that going for you?

G: It's quite frustrating. I suppose it's just my age. And it is just amazes me how much insolence some of these young'uns show to someone so high-up.

C: (I couldn't help but laugh) Well, it doesn't help that you just came right the fuck  out of nowhere without introduction. That was something I learned early on. Speaking of which, apparently I was correct in thinking that you were pretty high up on the totem pole. The primary financial supplier huh?

G: Among many other things, yes. If there is one thing I knew long before I started working under the Boss, it's that I had a knack for that kind of thing. I inheritted my family's company after I lost them, took out some of the competition and now we are among the most powerful businesses in the world.

C: Shouldn't I have recognized you by now?

G: (He let out a small chuckle) I have someone posing as the president of the company in my stead. Do you really think I would be enough of a fool to expose myself to the public like that. That would be so troublesome wouldn't you agree?

C: I suppose so...

G: What's the matter? You don't seem happy to see me.

C: You'll have forgive me. After the last couple of encounters, I'm starting to think that every meeting we have is going to end in me getting whacked by your damn  cane.

G: I'm hurt. There were perfectly justifiable reasons for me to do that and it's not as though I enjoyed doing it.

C: (bitterly) Yeah, I'm sure you don't, otherwise you would have been there when Andras went apeshit on me.

G: Again, I must apologize him. He's been difficult...I'm not used to handling Proxies for such a long period of time.

C: Wait, what are you talking about. I thought you said you train Proxies.

G: Oh dear, it looks like I said to mu-

C: Don't give me that shit. You intentionally said that, so spill it you son of bitch  because I am in no mood to play your games.

G: Testy today aren't we? Fine I'll charm you. Yes, I said I train Proxies but it is only for two months at the most. Andras is an exception. He is quite unique.

C: So were those three that restrained him trainees?

G: Oh no, not all.

C: (losing my patience)Well who are they?

G: (grinned) I'm going let you in on a little secret. You see the majority of those under my command are not Proxies. They have never had any sort of encounter with my boss or any other Fear. They have not read the blogs. They have not seen the pictures.They have not viewed the clips on the internet. I simply raised them as children to excel in..everything. Primarily extermination.

C: ...What the fuck  is wrong with you? What kind of sicko would just-

G: I suggest you watch your tongue before you start judging me. (I believe this is the first time I have ever seen him angry) I have taken them in after the world abandonned them. Without me they would have been left to suffer. If it means having to kill a few people, I would say it is far better than being the plaything for a corrupt unit of soldiers or spending your life in a lab to be poked and prodded. I've rescued these children from despair.

C: I see... but I have trouble believing that that is the only reason.

G: Fine, if you want to look at it from a more professional standpoint. In my opinion. I feel that a good portion  of  Proxies are flawed. Their encounters with my boss normally lead to some rather..less than satisfactory results with how they  function. Too much destruction, unnessecary deaths, boosted egos, defection. I will not name any names. For those who follow me, they follow my command and mine alone. They are to simply get the job done and leave no trace behind. The Boss had his objections about it, I will not go into the details of my punishment  for going behind his back to do this, but they have proven themselves to him. They are some of the finest we have.

C: So how does Andras fall into this?

G: He intrigues me, his case is very special. His mind has developed slower than other in the sense that well he's 19 but his mindset is that of a 13-year old and had some rather abusive parents. So when my Boss came to take him and killed his parents as a result, he looked to Him as a savior. The kid was practically begging to follow him. I would not have been surprise if even He was taken aback by this. It isn't often that we have someone so...eager to live this life. I really want to see how this kid ticks. Just how loyal can he become.

C: Well that explains the tantrum he threw.

G: Indeed.

C: They certainly seem very special to you.

G: Yes, indeed they are. And I do care for them. They are my Eyes (I capitalize this because I believe to this is a title for them). They should be treated with care.

C: Your...Eyes?

G: Well surely you've done your homework by now, correct? I'm The Grigori. Going back to Greek origin, The Grigori is a watcher. Which is exactly what I do. However, it's physically impossible to watch everything. This is where my Eyes come on.

C: So they're spies?

G: Yes and no. Like I said, they excel in all areas.

C: Of course...

(A long period of silence passes as I try to enjoy my hot chocolate while I take it all in. It doesn't help.)

C: So.. is that all you came here for?

G: Not quite, I came here to give you a...temporary farewell. (I felt his cane poking at my ankle, followed by the sound of what I'm sure was a gun cocking) and I need you to give out a message.

C: I think you are asking the wrong guy here. My followers are kinda' sparse compared to others. (No offense to my followers)

G: Well as I you know, I've taken quite the liking to you.

C: And I suppose I have no say in the matter.

G: I believe you know the answer already.

C: Fine...what is it?

G: I've received orders directly from the Boss. I've been ordered to weed out and terminate any vermin among our ranks. This ranges from those who are on the run, to those who wish to betray us, to those who have been abusing their power, and everything in between.

C: Why would you go and make that declaration? I mean isn't that something you want to keep and, I don't know.. take them by surprise?

G: I'm being kind. These people know who they are. I am giving them a chance to shape up, and they better do it fast. The time limit to do so is very short. And for those who do not believe me, just know that I have Eyes everywhere.

(I restrain myself from telling him that that was a terrible pun)

G: Also, to those in Moriarty's little millitia. Pull back or else we will make you suffer. I will not stand for watching my more noble commrades be gunned down in this manner. I will set my philosophy of being quick and efficient aside to show you all that there is pain, suffering, and despair far beyond what Hell  is capable of delivering.

C: Is that it?

G: Yes.

C: (jokingly) And what are you going to do if they don't? Send the Black Dog after them like you've done with me?

G: (he seemed rather confused, another first for him)  Pardon me?

C: I was just joking. I know the Black Dog is a seperate Fear. I just think it would be amusing if it turned he was just some lackey.

G: Why would..Nevermind. I must take my leave. May we meet again someday.

I'm not sure if he is telling the true, if he is trying to intimidate me. or if he has just gone off his rocker, but I am not going to just blow it off.

It bothers my if he is right about he in the right?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Small Update

Well after a small bout with the flu, I'm back in action.

Just to quickly run some stuff by you all:

-I'm becoming more aware of what I'm doing and am I not blacking out as much during the little time window.

-I've been trying to look more into dimensional bleeding. I'm not sure if I'm making progress or not.

- I am definately being stalked by the Black Dog but all it seems to be doing right now is prowling outside of my apartment. Apparently I'm the only who can see it, because...well, this is Texas. Somebody would have tried to blow it away with a shotgun by now.

-I had another conversation with The Grigori the other day. I'll try to type it up as soon as I can. There was...quite a bit for me to take in...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goings On

So....I'm not really sure how to approach this.

I've been having blackouts for the last week and half. They seemed to have happened at random times but it now seems to be limited to between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and during these blackout I've apparently been writing cryptic messages on my blogs and when I come to, I'm in my apartment and my Yu-gi-oh cards are scattered around somewhere (and couple points it's been all over my apartment which royally pissed me off)

Well I guess they aren't really blackouts if stuff happened while I was doing them. I guess memory wipes. I have been able to together some stuff. I know that everytime this happens I'm at some point in the spot where Slenderman was summoned during the Solstice.
I also left this little message to myself, apparently I didn't reach this blob before I came to.

Cards work differently here

I've put some ideas together as to what I'm doing but I've only shared them with Aura and  I'd rather not reveal them (at least until I get a good grasp on what it is that I've been doing) for the sake of keeping a possible trump card secret and because you all will probably think that I have gone off the fucking deep end.

Also, I've seen a large black wolf-like think working arounds here.
Here's hoping it's just a larger than average looking wolf that might be juiced up on steroids.

Here's hoping.

Monday, March 5, 2012

*exasperated sigh*

Son a bitch! Why am I putting these fucking posts?! I don't even remeber what I've been doing around these times...

I think I remeber driving out to the spot where I believe Feral Slendy was summoned during the Solstice (I think I'll stick with that name for him). I can barely even remeber why on Earth I would want to go out there.

Next thing I know I'm back at my apartment. I'm dizzy and a little sick to my stocahe. My head is throbbing and I just feel physically drained. Today I found some drying blood that had apparented slipped out the side of my mouth.

I am very, very confused and tired right now...
7 Stars.

That is my limit.