Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Ponderings

No real news, I just feel like posting some random stuff.

-I kind of feel bad that Slender Man will probably never be able to give someone a legimate high-five.

-I also feel bad that he can't enjoy playing video games.

-On that note, Slendy if you are reading this (if you can even read): Quit fucking with mine!!

-I cross my fingers that one day, Slendy accidently Slenderwalks into a landmine or a bear trap or something.

-Interesting fighting match-ups: Slender Man vs.
- Chuck Norris (oh c'mon you saw that coming a mile away)
- The Kite-Eating Tree from "Peanuts"
- Captain Falcon
-The Goddamn Batman
- Michael Bolton (I know he'll die, I just fucking hate Michael Bolton)
- Brian Boitano (cause Brian Boitano doesn't take shit from anybody)
- Anyone else got any ideas?

-I'm not sure which is scarier, Slender Man or the porn that has resulted from Him and all the bloggers. Damn Rule 34.

- I think I'm going to buy myself one of those big, good ole' fashioned, Tony Soprano fuck-off ci gars. It's not that I smoke, but I think it could be a good morale booster for myself when I am engaged in combat.

You may wonder why I seem to be cracking jokes about my situation. Well to be honest, my sense of humor is one the few things that's keeping me sane.


  1. Working on the High Five actually, although low five is a more appropiate term. And while I doubt this is anything more than a couple of hackers who thought Marble Hornets was great fun: There's your Slender Man playing vedio games. I get the humor aspect, in fact I like it, so to help you along here are a few more good matchups:
    Slender Man vs Superman (keep in mind superman's main villian is also a blad guy in a suit.)
    Slender Man vs Harry Potter
    Slender Man vs the cast of any reality show on syfy (think ghost Hunters)
    Slender Man vs the Zombie apocolypse.

    That's all I've got right now.

    See you around

  2. Slender Man vs. the Devil
    Slender Man vs. a giant squid
    Slender Man vs. the ghosts of all dead runners/fighters
    Slender Man vs. God