Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's The Raggedy Man Thanksgiving Day Special!

With special guest stars like Noah and Mira of the Eyes, Carol Burnett, Betty White, Harvey Korman, and Paul Lynde!

(Disclaimer: The latter four have not confirmed that they will show up, and I'm being told that Harvey Korman and Paul Lynde are dead so don't get your hopes up.)

Yes it's Thanksgiving and, as it as has been for the last 3 years, I am quite thankful that I am alive and have a roof over my head.

Mostly the roof over my head.

I've really had to debate the whole being alive thing from time to time.

But as I've said many, many times before, I certainly do not mind the company. Even if there is the possibility that they may kill me at any moment.

As for the dinner, I can proudly say that the three of us managed to cook up a full course Thanksgiving dinner without burning down the place. I noticed that Mira seemed to be off and certainly not as invested in everything as Noah and I (granted analyzing a masked girl is difficult). At the dinner table, Noah mentioned that since the Eyes come from all different parts of the world they didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving, or most holidays for that matter since they were almost always working. I can only assume that a holiday like this is a little foreign to Mira, although it certainly doesn't keep her from scarfing down a home cooked meal.

Oh by the way, I should have known better than to expect Mira to take her mask off for the meal. I'd tell you how she managed to eat with it on but I am sworn to secrecy.

Afterwards it was a night of video games; Rock Band, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and another handful of games.

So what else have I learned from this Thanksgiving?
-Mira is really fond of my sweetened basil carrots. 
-You can't go wrong with chocolate pie.
-Mira has a lovely singing voice.
-I will always kick ass as King Dedede. ALWAYS!!!
-Noah is a sore loser (You. Are. Dead.) 
-For trained killers, fighting games are not their forte (DEAD!) 
-A good meal can bring out the humanity in every one. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Eyes

I apologize for not coming up with a better title but unlike Raggedy I'd prefer to put something in that little bar.

So apparently there has been some curiosity about what exactly my relationship is with Mira. Or at least some more detail about it. I'm taking the reins for this story since there are some touchy subjects that Mira would rather not get into.

Well, we're like family. I know it's been said a dozen times now but it's the truth. However with some of the Eyes the bonds are a little stronger.

There were five of us who were taken in by Father a.k.a The Grigori around the same time. There was Paul, Ravi, Catherine, Mira, and myself. We were all in the medical ward when we first met and I guess since we were all in some pretty messed up situations we bonded pretty fast once we opened up. It was easy with Paul and Catherine since there were no language barriers. Ravi didn't speak English but he knew bits and pieces that could let him grasp a conversation well enough. With Mira however, the girl didn't know or understand a lick of English and she was a mess. She would barely eat anything. She had horrible nightmares that left her screaming bloody murder. If you tried to touch her, she'd flip out and go fetal. But, I don't know, about a month into being together something clicked and we started communicating through drawing.

As time passed, Ravi and Mira learned English and we began training together and the five of us grew closer.   We each found our own special talents and used them so that we could function in almost any scenario. That would be the next 7 years of my life.

Father starts to send the Eyes out on missions once we turn 15. Mostly assassinations and once we hit 18 we begin to go into the long-term observation stuff. Mira was the youngest of our group so it was two years before she started going on missions and I think it was almost another year before we were paired together. By that time she had regressed a little. I think the lack of contact with our group had caused her to grow a little distant and cold. I guess at the time we were all she had and it was difficult for her to adapt. But after a couple of missions, she lightened up again. I think Father noticed that because we were almost always put on missions together.

So I guess our relationship is something based on the two being able to function as one. Mira is phenomenal at close-range combat while I handle the long-range stuff. We know what the other one is going to do. It's like a sixth sense. That's like that with many of us.

I trust Mira with my life and she trusts me with hers. End of story


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is this considered rude?

I do not mind having a place to sleep. It is certainly better than sleeping on rooftops for an hour at a time. But I really do feel like I am imposing on Raggedy. Him and Noah seem to be doing most the work around here. I can not even go out to get groceries for them. I really hate that about missions where I have to watch Runners. Somebody else always have to accompany me. It is not that I am inexperienced, I just have reasons 

what did Noah call it 
Reasons beyond my control. 

I hate that.

I hate things being beyond my control. 

I got lost in my thoughts. I apologize. Raggedy is surprisingly nice. I still do not trust him. I know better than put trust in people so easily. I do feel embarrassed for hurting him though. 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Noah and Mira

Since it was mentioned in the comments of the last post, yes, Noah and Mira are crashing here. Granted, I didn't ask them to. Noah said that their orders are to watch me and since they are already in my apartment, they may as well take advantage of the situation and that The Grigori already gave them the okay.

Good God, I feel like a parent whose kid goes up to you and say "Dad? Can Sally sleep over? Her Mom says its okay."


So why am I keeping them around?

1) Since they are Eyes, they are not supposed to see Slenderman. That should keep the tall guy off my ass for a little bit.

2) Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, right?

3) I'm really not up for fighting two-on-one with these guys to try and kick them out.

4) The Grigori has ordered them not to kill me.

5) The Grigori is supplying them funds so they aren't mooching off of me.

6) I really don't mind the company.

So yeah, I have two guests now. And really things aren't that bad.

They are both surprisingly nice. Noah is very outgoing and once you can coax him to play video games he is very competitive. It's also great to have someone to watch movies with (and I will convert him to liking schlocky horror movies, mark my word). From what I hear he's one hell of a marksman and is especially talented when it comes to archery. He seems to be around my age, straggly brown hair and brown eyes, but his face look very worn. It's sort of like the worn look that most of us Runners seem to have. I seems to try his best not to show it.

Surprisingly Mira and I have met before. She was among one of the Eyes who was restraining Charlie when he went ballistic and she took the liberty of apologizing to me. I recognized that unique voice anywhere. When it comes to Mira, it is very difficult to get a read on her because she NEVER takes her mask off. I'm serious I have never seen this girl with her mask off. I wouldn't be surprised if she showers with the thing on. With physical features, the only thing I can tell you is that she has auburn hair that she seems to always have tied into a ponytail. She seems to keep to herself, her mask buried in books (how she can read through that visor is beyond me). I quickly learned that if I want to touch her, I should warn her first. I tried to tap her on the shoulder and I almost got my arm ripped out. I don't feel too off-put by her though. Strange.

But yes, these are my visitors. I hope things go well. Or as well as they can.