Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prepare for the Winter

God, these anxiety attacks have been doing a number on me. I just seem to be getting every others, nothing too bad that a little clonazePam can't extinguish the fire. But they are living me so drained.

Now, my brain is so very fuddled right now so my memory is next to shot but I swear I remember a prominant blog talking about how Slender Man was the strongest at the Winter Solstice. If that's the case and I think it might have been, I'm bunkering down.

Stay strong, Stay Alive.


  1. I think the theory was actually that he's weakest on the Winter Solstice.... However, in potential anticipation for that, it did become a LOT more active around this time last year and a lot of people got wasted. So yeah, "bunker down" would be an understatement.

  2. It was those affiliated with Core Theory that suggested his weakness at the Winter solstice. It's still not confirmed if that's true or not.

    What we do know though is that like last year, the dangers increase around this time. That much is obvious with all the recent losses.

    My advice is the same I give to others: Be Wise, Be Safe, Be Aware.

    On an unrelated note. Have you put any thought into examining other possible properties of what you dub "slendersludge" past the battle capabilities?

  3. It was a core theory thing that he was weakest at the solstices.

    I'm not buying it-or if he is, it's not weak enough to make a difference. Watch your ass.

  4. Aw so it was his weakest, thanks to everyone for correcting me..granted it seems that theory was wrong.

    However, It could be true, but that just makes him all the more dangerous. Sort of like when you here those tales of soldiers who wind up single-handedly killing 40+ men even when they knew they were @#!*% . Or a wounded tiger. It's fight or flight and apparently Slendy seems to pick fight.

    @Overseer: "The London Librarian" and "Exilis Veritas" have most the properties for the Slendersludge. I have pondered what would happen if someone consumed it (or for some Proxies, reconsumed it) or if it got into an open wound, but I'm not warped enoug to try that on myself or anyone else.

  5. Yes, They were who I were putting the most observing into on this subject. I have my own interest in examining this too as of recent. I saw your comment on London Librarian and decided to see what uses you had put it too.

    And yes that is the best way to see it. If he is any weaker on the solstice it still means nothing to us because it just makes him more dangerous.

    Stay safe.