Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sorting things out

So, all of the stress has made me a tad ill. I'm presently decked out on meds so forgive me if things are slightly incoherent.

So I've been pondering why that Runner was in the courtyard and I came up with a few theories

1) It was pure coincidence.
2) He may have had a generalize guess as to where I was. I've realized that I haven't really been subtle with my location. I mean, at least not subtle enough. I'm really hoping this isn't the case otherwise...I'm technically responsible for this guy's death...
3) Maybe he was Slenderwalked there and used to deliver a message to me or something...I don't know.

Dear God, I just can't-
I really don't want it to be #2.

1 comment:

  1. If it was anything other than number three than you retain the title of the luckiest man I have encountered. After all, a few minutes sooner or later in your schedual and that runner would have been you.

    See you around