Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the Battlefield

I am a Runner.

I guess.

I’m not exactly running. Hell , I can’t run.

I’m burdened with prior regrettable bad acts that as result have left me unable to go anywhere without informing the authorities which truthfully is a pain in ass . So when the time to take action came, it left me with two choices:

1) Stay in my apartment and occasionally my parents house and risk the attacks from Proxies and inevitable assault from Slendy.

2)Go on the run, risk getting arresting for the rest of my life, get arrested, wait for the inevitable assault from Slendy, and most likely get raped in the process.

So obviously I went with choices number 1.

Over time, I have learned that being stuck in one place has had it’s pro and cons.


-I’m terrible when it comes to change (an Asperger’s thing perhaps) so it saves from any unnecessary breakdowns.

-I get to observe my enemies.

-I don’t have to worry about starving.

-I’m in an area I’m familiar with which proves to be advantageous.

-Near 24/7 Internet access.


-Slendy and friends know where I am.

- Fuckin' Slenderwalking

-Small place and lots of people so I have to try my damnedest not to attract attention.

- No real breaks between attacks.

For the record: I love lists.

My defenses:

-I live on the 3rd floor. While it does not stop proxies, it stops Slender Man. According to M it’s because He has trouble comprehending a human being taller than Him, or something like that.

-Also following M, I have 7ft “guards” with masks looking over my front door and both of my windows.

-Following M again, I needed “eyes”. I wanted to make sure that I was covered from all degrees. So, I commissioned a friend to knit me up a ski cap that had a bunch of eyes on it. And God bless her for not questioning why I would want something so hideous or what purpose a ski cap would serve in the middle of a Texan summer.

-I have a lovely plethora of fine-crafted weaponry and traps. (Firearms excluded since I am not allowed to own them, and I doubt I could fire them anyway since my hands are far to shaky to aim properly. Wait, do stun guns count as fire arms?)

-My MP3 player (yeah I’m a bit old fashioned, don’t judge). Not only does the right kind of music tend to be motivating and/or soothing, but due to Slendy and friends knack for screwing around with nearby electronics it’s practically a radar for when they are nearby. This does mean you’ll be shelling out money for batteries and there have been a couple of instances where that electronics interference noise was so loud it practically blew out my ear drums.

Now, you may think it’s foolish of me to be putting all of this out in the open.

You’re probably right.

But you know what for as long as this has been going on, the enemy should fucking know this by now.


  1. So apparently some of the HTML text show of up on this page when it's viewed on Internet Explorer. I'll try and fix it but I can't make any promises.

  2. For the record: I like lists, too.
    See you around

  3. Okay, first of all, ditch M's rules. Now. I don't know if you have or not yet, but you have no clue how fucking outdated those rules are or how stupid trying to apply rules to the Slender Main in the first place is.

    Second, I know how it goes staying in one place. It can work, though. I've been through what you've been through. I'd recommend checking out my blog since I've got some helpful tips (not rules because rules are stupid) that could help.


  4. I have asperger's too. I'd probably run if I were being stalked by Slendy, though.

    Then again, I can't drive. And I don't really live near any woods, so I'd say I'm safe.