Monday, October 3, 2011

Addition to my To-Do List

After discovering some info about this Slendergoop . I'm kind of hoping to get ahold of some and make some nifty weapons.

Also, considering investing in an auto-crossbow.


  1. Make your own, it draws less attention from just about all sources, and it provides a good distraction. As for the autocrossbow, if you can't point a gun without shakeing I'm not sure this is a reasonable replacement, save your money.
    See you around

  2. My only reason for getting the crossbow is if I can concoct something out of the Slendergoop.

    Granted I still should probably get some kind of long range weaponry other than a stun gun.

    And you can make your own Slendergoop? I thought that kind of stuff had to be, well, thrown up?