Friday, October 19, 2012

He's back.


  1. Well ever since the Black Dog, it's been like he just pops in the corner of your eye and those subtle little things. But now he standing outside for long periods of time.

  2. Well if there was any moment in time you thought that our master got up and left you for are an even bigger fool than we thought. We are always here.

    You, and all the others, are in this until either YOU, or He dies...and we all know how that'll turn out...

    1. Yadda yadda yadda.

      Look I appreciated being your favorite runner, I really do, but seriously, you guys are really starting to sound like broken record.

    2. Try LIVING with these broken records....minus the them trying to kill you. It surprises me how he still has use for these meat-heads.

  3. He always returns, had to learn that the hard way, he once left me for 3 years, boy did I ever regret letting my guard down. Anyway I'm kind of new to this whole blog thing, not to the being stalked part, currently, the motherfucker is standing right outside of my window Van, not even moving, not even when I don't look at him, he just stands there, I don't know why. Oh well good for me, I started seeking some active blogs, found yours, currently reading trough all your posts, finished with 2011, getting into 2012, eyes hurt like a bitch, every second changing the direction in which I am looking at. Either him, either my laptop, going to be a fun night. Good to know, that there are still active "Runners" out there, or whatever you count yourself as.

    -Mr. Incognito