Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello folks!

We're so sorry to interrupt this blog, but these were the orders given to us by father.

Now before you all freak out, there is no need to worry. The one you know as The Raggedy Man is okay. Well he's alive but he's beaten up and was sort of out of it when we got to him. Mira is watching over him just to make sure he doesn't cause too much trouble when he wakes up. 

So why are we here? Well, to be honest, I am not quite sure myself. Mira and I  had been ordered to keep tabs on him by our father ever since that black dog showed up. Seriously, it was just to watch him and use our best judgment  if something goes wrong. That lasted until about, let's see last month maybe late August. We got called back around then. Apparently some of people that work for our father's boss decided to go and kill off a bunch of the higher-ups. Now, we were actually planning to do most of that ourselves at a later date, so all of this really caught us off guard. We did manage to pick up the slack however while cleaning up after everyone else. As of October 21st, the death toll of this purge, as our father calls it, is at 436, give or take.

Well, since things have simmered down, we were told to return to our duties and when we showed up here, we found Raggedy on his knees outside of his apartment and it just seemed like he went- ah what's that trope? Ah yes, it was like he went Blue Screen of Death on us. Father told us to make sure he didn't get killed so we knocked him out, took him back to his apartment.

At this point, I'm sure you are all wondering why I am on his blog.

I'm bored.

We're expected to sit around for him and wait for him to wake up and receive our orders after that. Well, I'm not in the mood to play video games, I have no idea how to play his silly little card game, and Mira isn't exactly one you can have a light chat with.

So since I'm bored, let's have a bit of a Q&A session. Ask a question and we will answer anything that we are permitted to answer.  

Until then, have fun guys!



  1. This might be a stupid question, but stupid is what stupid does.

    So tell me, Noah right? Do you and Mira have any feelings toward Raggedy?

    Do you think of him as an enemy, have remorse for him, don't even care for him?

    -Mr. incognito.

    1. I do not find that to be a stupid question at all. It's a little difficult to answer. All we have done is observe him so it is not as though we know him on a personal level. I mean, he seems like an okay guy, but it's not like there are feelings that could be formed. I guess we just think of him as being... there.

      - Noah

    2. Still I find it hard to believe that, in no way am I saying that you are lying, but you must understand the origin of that question, your "father" has certainly shown interest in Raggedy countless times and I thought that he's "Children" would have some thoughts about the source of that interest.

      But maybe I'm mixing up something here, maybe in due time, some personal things will float up.

      You seem nice, it's too bad I don't really know what side you are on.

      -Mr. Incognito.

    3. All of us owe far too much to our father to question his motives.

      Contrary to what my comrade said, I feel sorry that, like everyone else we have encountered, Raggedy's story will most likely not end happily.


  2. Noah and Maria eh? I haven't heard from you guys in forever! How ya' been?

    1. My apologies for sounding rude but you must have heard about us from our father because we have certainly not met you.
      It's nothing personal. We just do not really socialize with those outside of the Eyes.

      But we are doing well. Thank you for your concern.

      And it's Mira. It's Slavic


    2. You are half right. You've never met me, but I have met you....

      ...or at least the other half did..the weak side...

      Your father had been giving me updates on your two's behavior. It IS my job to keeps tabs on all you lot after all. Lost contact with him for a few months, got worried something went wrong and Master intervened...

      Damn. The fools gaining control again.

    3. You have no idea how much I want to respond to that but I can't without giving away crucial information.

      I can say this, our father reports to his Boss and him alone.


    4. I don't have the faintest clue about what you guys and Veigar are talking about.

      But your names...hmm

      ...I hate this room...