Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh my.

Well this isn't good. Raggedy hasn't woken up yet. I know we didn't hit him that hard so I'm kind of at loss with what to do know.

I was hoping to talk to those Mythos Project guys in their chatroom but no luck there. I did find a nice stash of movies on his laptop though. Looks like somebody loves to torrent. It's a shame Mira isn't much of a horror fan.



  1. I love horror movies!

    Strangely Veigar doesn' seems his style more then mine.

  2. You did say that before you knocked him out, he was going all "Blue screen of death on you" right? He's probably is still in that state, not much you can do from there.

    So you like horror movies? I'm interested to what kind, mystical horror, slasher, any other genre?

    And let's not leave Mira out of this, I mean if she doesn't like horror movies, what kind of movies does she like?

    -Mr. Incognito.

    1. I'm really more of an action movie type of guy but all of what Raggedy has seem to be horror, and we're talking about some pretty damn bad ones.

      - Noah

    2. I do not care for movies. I prefer to read. I like fantasy novels.

      - Mira

    3. To Noah:

      Action huh? So I guess that might mean that you are the brave bold one, who always can do nifty athletic moves, but also intelligent thinking over every move, but at the same time not thinking of small details, but I might be wrong, judging a person by he's favorite genre of movies, is pretty hard.

      To Mira:

      Fantasy huh? Makes me wonder if in your "past" life you were the quiet, loner type. You are a person of constant questions, no one can predict what you will do and what you are capable of, yet at the same time, you aren't always prepared to make a certain move, you have to think it over, but like I said before I might be wrong, I'm just pulling at straws here.

      On a side note, what is Raggedy's status?

      -Mr. Incognito.