Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm going to hate Halloween

This is just going to be a short rant but like the title says, I'm going to hate Halloween this year.

Thanks to that stupid "Slender" game, asshats everywhere are going to dressing up as Slendy. Why does that bother me? Because I don't care to play a game of "Guess Who?" that puts my damn life at risk! Sure, you can go ahead and say "Just look for the one with the tentacles." but have you seen how creative people can get? And let's not forget about all the people who dress up as proxies thanks to Marble Hornets. Guh, I hate how I have grown to hate this holiday.

I just got to keep telling myself that it will all be worth it for the post-Halloween candy sales.

By the way, if I ever meet the guy who made "Slender", he is getting a swift kick to the balls.


  1. Who knows. You might even see me.

  2. You seem to have been trusting your gut feeling before, that's pretty much the only thing you can do now.

    Also you can look at how people act in their costumes, if they act ridiculously for example, the tall, pale and ugly starts dancing, that's definitely not him.

    -Mr. Incognito

  3. Before Master comes back and I loose control again, I would like to apologize for Veigar's behavior. He can be eccentric at times.

    I have no idea why you interest him. All of you runners seem the same to me. But realize something.

    You may have friends on the other side as well.