Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Familial Bonds II: The Girl and the Mask

"So why do you still hide behind this mask?"  I asked as I returned the mask to her. "I mean, I've already seen what you look like without it on. I'm not bothered by it."

"Are you that oblivious?"

"I have Asperger's, remember? The answer to that question is kind of obvious."

"Good point." She finally released her legs and adjusted herself into a new position. "I am self-conscious. Every time a new Eye comes they are always put off by my burns at first. Noah was the one exception."

"Yeah, I remember him writing about that." I took a seat next to her "Still, I don't think you really need to wear this."

"I also use it to hide myself when I am vulnerable. I do not want anyone to take advantage of me when I am worried, upset, or uncomfortable. I am still human. I still have my weaknesses."

"I understand where you're coming from. I guess you're lucky since I don't really have a way to hide things like that."

She gave a small shrug. "I guess."

"So...I've noticed you've been calling Noah a lot. You shouldn't worry so much. I'm sure he's doing fine."

Mira shook her head "You saw how he got wounded. We could have easily gotten out but Noah had to protect us like that. He gets reckless from time to time. I do not feel comfortable when he is on his own"

"I get ya'. But I've seen him fight. He's pretty damn good."

She let out a heavy sign "He is another one that I owe everything to. I believe I have every reason to worry." She looked down as though she was embarrassed  about what she was going to say.  "I...I do not know what I would do if I lost him."

"So, do you have a crush on him?" I said, giving her a teasing grin.

"No! No no no no no no!" She said, blushing and shaking her head rapidly. "I think of him as a friend and as a brother. It is the same with him."

I couldn't resist laughing at her reaction. "I'm sorry. I just could not resist asking you that."

She gave me a light shove "That is very cruel!"

"The chance presented itself. I'm not going to pass it up."

"You are shameless!"

"Damn right I am!"

She turned very serious "I could always report to Father that you are a threat to my safety. Then you would think twice about teasing me."

I froze for a minute as I remembered what The Grigori did to Hoyt. Mira was probably completely unaware that I knew just what The Grigori capable of. I suddenly saw a quick smirk form. "Did...did you just try to play a trick on me?"

She gave a small, satisfied smile. "Perhaps."

With that mask gone, she was acting more...human. I liked it. And personally, I think she did too.

As the days passed, she become more casual. She wore her mask less and less around the apartment until she was wearing it only when she could not get a hold of Noah. We began having more and more conversations about general things. I managed to coax her into watching movies (mostly terrible ones) with me. Life was starting to feel a little normal again.

But the Slenderman has returned.

He always shows up in ways that ensure that Mira cannot see Him. Usually whenever she is away or asleep.

Has he decided to go on the offensive or is he just fucking with me again?


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