Thursday, May 23, 2013


In the television shows and movies that I have seen, they never really show archers having to defend themselves if they are forced into close range combat. You are just left to assume that they have no chance of being able to defend themselves. 

That is not true. In the Renaissance period, archers were equipped with a sword called a katzbalger. It was particularly known for having a very sturdy blade and a unique guard that could protect the user's hand in case the opponent's blade would slide down their own. It was easy to wield, weighing only a little over two pounds and the blade is short enough to be used in very tight quarters. 

Why do I bring this up? 

It has been mentioned before that Noah and I are usually paired together for missions. It is not only because we work well together. We make up for each others flaws. Noah is phenomenal when it comes to handling firearms. However, he tends to have a bad habit of not watching his back and getting. That is where I come in. I am capable of using firearms, although I am not as fast as others when it is a matter of reloading or recovering from the recoil of the gun. When it comes to swords however, I am very proficient. My job is cover for Noah and eliminate anyone who my pose troublesome threat, especially in close quarters. . 

Noah is the archer. I am his katzbalger. 


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