Thursday, August 30, 2012

Field Spell! Dimensional Patch!

As we drove off to the graveyard, I decided clear something up with Kenny.

“I’ll tell you this. Things are not black and white when it comes to who we fight. They are still human. Well, humanish for Morningstar and I honestly don’t know what the fuck Redlight is. But know that they aren’t all bloodthirsty whack-jobs. Read through their blogs, get to know them. Not only does it help you analyze them but it can give you someone to talk to. They can be as much your friends as they are your enemies. But nonetheless, don’t put too much of your trust in them, ‘cause the day may come when you’ll have to fight them. And as friends, the only thing y’all can do is give the best fight you can. There’s nothing more shameful than going easy in a fight to the death just because you are friends.”

We arrived at the graveyard a while after my little speech. Poor Kenny looked so jostled when we finally stopped. I supposed I should’ve warned him that the roads there were unpaved and the fact that my car is quite low to the ground which does not make the ride any more comfortable.

The graveyard itself is….well it’s different. It’s about 200 years old so I’m sure it was easily accessible back then but now it is hidden deep in the woods with poor excuses for roads. The gravestones that were probably once very beautiful are now crumbling apart. Police tape still surrounds the place from the events of last December. I guess they just did not bother investigating or gave up but the place still trashed. Toppled gravestones, dried blood, splintered trees, the works.

We went over the tape, and a little ways in before I asked Kenny “You feel it? We’re in the Patch.”

When you’re inside a Patch, it’s not like everything around you changes. The only think the feels different is that you have this weird feeling. It’s sort of like that tingling feeling you get when you receive an electric shock but your limbs don’t feel like they are numb.

You just know that something is off.

I took out a stopwatch and started to set it

“What are you doing?” Kenny asked.

“I’m making sure I don’t stay in here for too long. I can last nine minutes and eighteen seconds in here before I start to deteriorate health-wise. It used to be seven minutes but I guess I got used to it over time. By the way if you start feeling…off let me know alright.”

I cracked my knuckles and took out my toy Duel Disk (for anyone who is curious it’s the Duel Disk used by the villains in the Doma Arc, it looks so awesome). I focused myself and took the top card from my deck “I summon The Six-Samurai –Irou.” The ‘monster’ (he’s a human technically so it feels a little inappropriate calling him that) appeared, akin to how they do in the show and looked over and gave us a silent nod. I set up a training dummy and commanded for Irou to attack. He charged forth and sliced it clean in half.

I removed the card from the disk and Irou disappeared. I turned back to Kenny and grinned “What do ya’ think about that?” I said and saw that Kenny was just staring in awe at what happened. “There seems to be a large variety of what I can do with these cards. Especially the Spells and Traps.” I then proceed to show him a series of examples.

“Spell Card! Hinotama!” A fireball shot out and torched what was left of the training dummy.

“Spell Card! Psychic Sword!” A large sword appeared and I grasped it with my free hand. I swung it around to show it off before dropping it, watching it disappear when it hit the ground.

“Trap Card! Dust Tornado!” A large gust wind kicked up, gathering leaves and debris, carrying it a good distance before it dissipated.

“Pretty awesome isn’t it.” I grinned and Kenny just nodded in awed approval.
A thought suddenly came to mind and I removed the Duel Disk and clamped it onto Kenny’s wrist. “Alright, we’re going to see if you can do this too.”

“W-Wait, what?” Kenny stammered as I set him up. “Just focus your mind and go with it.” I said. He closed his eyes and took a card from the top of the deck. He put on a determined expression and shouted “I summon TheSix Samurai- Zanji!” and-

Nothing happened.

I scratched my head, “Um, maybe you gotta’ focus harder. Try again.”

He closed his eyes again and shouted “I summon Command Knight!”

Still nothing.

I sighed and bit my lip a little “I guess it’s different for everyone…”

I looked at the stop watch. Six minutes and fourteen seconds. I then looked up at Kenny. “Um…I think we should go…”  I said and motioned to my upper lip. Kenny, who looked paler than normal, rubbed there and noticed his nose was bleeding.

As we went back to my place I looked over to Kenny, his nose covered with bunched up paper towels. “I’m sorry.” he said softly.

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Like I said, I used to only be able to handle it for seven minutes. You didn’t do too bad.”

The next day, I asked Kenny if he remembered what happened yesterday and said “Of course.”

Given all the memory problems that I had, I guess it really does affect people differently.


  1. thats some cool shit! wish i could get my hands on a 'patch'. i wonder if kenny's ability lies elsewhere?

    what does he take interest in?

  2. So... that's where Slendy punched through time and reality? And this part of our world has now become a part of the space in between worlds? So basically, any spot in our world that a Fear entered in... is now a Patch? Or am I completely wrong?

    1. Not quite. It's more of a spot where a Fear(s) exerts more power than our dimension can handle over exerts it for an extended period of time. If it was any spot where a Fear entered, our dimension would be like a giant piece of tie-dye swiss cheese.

  3. Chris, you are fucking awesome for this, hahaha.

    The Doma dueldisk is a nice touch. Damnit, now I'm going to have a hard time not picturing you as Valon!

  4. Two suggestions. You should see if this works with magic the gathering cards. And Kenny should bring a sword into one of these areas (if he can obtain one somewhere a sakobato) and attempt a Kuzu Ryu Sen. If a Yugio fan can summon actual Yugio cards then maybe a Kenshin fan can pull of some of that super anime sword fighting.

    1. Was never really big on Magic. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but the fact that they banned entire sets was a bit of a turn-off for me.

  5. Oh my jesus this is amazing. If I can manage my way over there after I get back home, I'd love to find that graveyard. I've actually been developing some soft-wares to help detect when fears are around, perhaps that "patch" would move things along at a faster speed...
    Of course, I'd make sure to send you a copy of the program early for the contribution.

    And I agree with Proxiehunter. Even though I'm not a huge anime fan (I've watched Darker Than BLACK, some of Hetalia, and I'm working on season two of Code Geass) I think that having someone's strengths in the patch would be much more beneficial.