Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So first off, I probably need to clarify something. I didn't literally lose the memories of childhood. There isn't just a blank there. I think the best way that I can explain it is that I feel like I have two memories; one that I've always been sure is the right one. And then there is the one that is form, piecing itself together and that one feels real too. So I guess since these two are conflicting so much with each other it feels like my childhood is gone.

The Black Dog has been leaving me things, as per what he normally seems to do. Thus far I have been given:

-A kickball
-A muddy, old pair of kids sneakers
-My 6th grade yearbook
-My 7th grade yearbook
-An old tape recorder (no tape)
-A school uniform, covered with mud and blood.
-A handful of detention slips and suspension refurrals

Some of these are ringing a  very faint bell but the strangest thing is with my yearbooks.

I flipped through my 6th grade yearbook and went to my class, there were 15 people out of my class of 25 that I just do not remember. Names, faces, there were even pictures of them with me but I remember nothing. Then I looked through my 7th grade yearbook. There were different people replacing those 13 but I definately remember them.  The detention slips have the names of some of the 15 people on them, various offenses, primarily using curse words towards me that a teacher overheard. The suspension referalls were for beating me up.

I'm close. I think I am very close to figuring this out. I know I am!


  1. Keep pushing, Raggedy. I hope you break through soon.

  2. Yay keep going! We believe in you

  3. Push further but I must remind you that sometimes the truth hurts