Sunday, September 20, 2015

OOC Post: An Overdue Explanation

So I feel like a total ass for doing this but to put it bluntly, this blog is on a indefinite hiatus.

There isn't really one particular reason for this happening, just a whole bunch of things ranging from a collaboration that just couldn't take off, having a bunch of ideas that just went nowhere, being hired by the FBI to infiltrate a drug cartel, having a case of very crippling depression, to just loosing track of everything that was going on in the Slenderverse, and just losing interest. (One of these reasons may not be true) Regardless, this is ultimately my fault.

So what happened to Raggedy?

Well after being trapped in the Empty City, Raggedy managed to somehow escape albeit physically and mentally broken and having fallen into a coma. The Eyes locate him and pay off for a hospital room to keep him in.

Ultimately, I found this to be the best way for Raggedy to ultimately win over Slendy. Sure, he's comatose. But Slendy can't go after somebody who is technically unable to fear him.

So to wrap thing up, I would like to thank all of you who have stuck by this clunky mess of a blog. This was initially something I had made to kill time but I had a damn good time doing it. I never expected that there would be people who were invested in it. I can't thank you all enough and I am so sorry I could not give this a proper ending.


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  1. OOC: I enjoyed reading your work, Chris, and always enjoyed the banter. :) Life gets a little less hellish eventually. I wish you all the luck in the world from here on out!