Thursday, June 6, 2013


I forget just how hot some places can become.

According to Raggedy, Texas is starting to reach the normal temperatures that this location has over the summer. To save on his power bill, we very rarely have the air conditioner on. 

In hindsight, I probably would not have been able to hide myself forever. With the combination of  the hoodie and my mask, I fear that I eventually would have been overcome by heat stroke.

The last several weeks have been nice. Raggedy is very kind. He is not put off by my appearance and aside from his occasional rants about terrible movies, he is quite enjoyable to talk to. He even went out in the middle of the night to get me skin lotion when I had run out. I go through a lot of bottles... 

I have not told Raggedy yet, but I am not sure if I can accompany him if he decides to leave the apartment and travel. Father wanted us to watch him as he stayed at the apartment. If he left, I think  my mission would have ended. Also, just because I am comfortable with having my mask off around Raggedy obviously does not I am comfortable having it off around others. I think a girl wearing a mask would make people uncomfortable. I feel bad about leaving him in this situation but...if it must be, then it must be.



  1. Do what you think is best, Mira. If that means going back to the Eyes, then do so. And if it means following Raggedy, then go with him.


  2. Ah, first signs of rebellion against your "parents", it's ok, all teenagers go through that state.

    Stupid, psychiatry jokes aside, do as your heart desires, after all, all of us live for ourselves and only ourselves.