Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solstice 2012

So how was my Solstice. I got the hell out of town. I decided that being constantly on the move was better than waiting around. Sure, the Eyes kinda' mean the chances of Slendy showing are low but given that he tends to get feral and all, well I wasn't going to risk it. Mira and Noah thought I was nuts,

I went out and enjoyed some hot chocolate at a cafĂ©, acting like I was one those schmucks with spends there time working on the "next big novel". It was kinda' fun. I surprisingly even had a girl flirt with me. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are but, oh if only she knew. Does being stalked by a Fear label you as being "high-maintenance" in a relationship? Hell, does being a Proxy label you as being "high-maintenance"?

Sorry, my thoughts strayed.



  1. So this is is how it went.

    1. Got The Eyes to think your crazy.
    2. Finally got out of that damn town.
    3. Had some chick flirt with you.

    I'd say that was pretty lucky of you to not have been fucked up by Master. But oh well.

    There's always the other 364 days.

    Also, some Proxys have normal lives outside of the whole shebang. Some of them are married in fact. They just rarely get called on missions and play it off as "Having dinner with the boss" which is actually true in a sense.

    But Runners got no game.


  2. I wouldn't say that Runners have no game.

    Just me.