Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is this considered rude?

I do not mind having a place to sleep. It is certainly better than sleeping on rooftops for an hour at a time. But I really do feel like I am imposing on Raggedy. Him and Noah seem to be doing most the work around here. I can not even go out to get groceries for them. I really hate that about missions where I have to watch Runners. Somebody else always have to accompany me. It is not that I am inexperienced, I just have reasons 

what did Noah call it 
Reasons beyond my control. 

I hate that.

I hate things being beyond my control. 

I got lost in my thoughts. I apologize. Raggedy is surprisingly nice. I still do not trust him. I know better than put trust in people so easily. I do feel embarrassed for hurting him though. 



  1. Reasons out of your control? Yeah, I have one of those in my head. It's name is JP.

    And I want to kill him.


  2. I find it hilarious, that you have a hard time trusting him, when in reality, you were the one to hurt him, to break into he's house and so on...Irony.

    Onto the topic, I have a hard time understanding what you find rude exactly, that you do nothing to help, or that you can not trust Raggedy?

    Well for the help part, you did mention that you have a problem to which Noah refers as "Reasons beyond your control" while I have no idea what that might mean, maybe you lose control over your body, or something else. But non the less that "reason" is a liability and might risk someone he's life, so you are kind of helping, by not helping, yeah sounds weird, I know.

    As for the trust issue, let me ask you this, what makes you so sure of keeping your trust in Noah? That is even if you do trust him, I don't know. Now yes I know it does sound weird, but I don't know anything about you two, for how long have you been together, are you relatives, good friends, so on, so forth. But in reality you can not trust anyone at all, so yeah, there's that dilemma.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. To defend myself, he startled me. If you had someone come up behind you, would you not do the same? And it was Noah's idea to break into his house. I just followed along because what else could I do. I did not want to leave him out there.

      I feel rude for both of those reasons. And for barging into his home.

      I trust Noah with my life. I trust almost all of the Eyes with my life. You may call it naive, but while most of us are not related by blood, all of us have suffered in one way or another to the point where we have nothing left to lose. The fact that this family, the Eyes, is all that we have left is what ties us together. It is something we do not want to lose.

      Trust is something that our Father emphasized on whenever we trained. He said that it is how we can be an effective fighting force when we have to work as groups. I remember him comparing it to Greek and Macedonian warfare.

      I think I will talk about my relationship with Noah on a personal level at a later time. I would like to get his permission first.


  3. Yeah the defense part does sound fair.

    I can easily tell that your Father is really smart, to bring up a group that had all suffered some tragedy in their life and form a squad, not only that, but also make them trust each other. It's an impressive feat, making some people trust each other is a really hard thing to do, practically impossible, but however, I have not met the rest of you and this is only you saying that you trust everyone from your group, but that is enough, to make one person trust a bunch of other people, that is definitely enough, to create a perfect team.

    But perfect things tend to crumble some time later, don't take this as a threat or anything, oh no, just talking out of experience here, but the "crumbling down" isn't always in a bad way.

    - Mr. Incognito.