Sunday, April 8, 2012

So the tear marks almost faded, but they are still fait enough for recognize them. I seem to be the only one to notice though so I guess that is progress. The mark on my arm hasn't faded in the slightest though and it's been hurting like hell .

Speaking of pain, this last post that popped up just...I don't know. It's been making my head throb.
I can hear this post in my head. as I read it, if that makes any sense. I hear the voices of kids, I hear the rustling of brushes, the chirping of birds, the squishing of mud under their feet.

And then

that last line

Who are you? 

A surge of pain just shoots through me. My head feels like lead and I hear a high-pitched noise that feels like it's ripping my eardrums apart. My entire body just shuts down.

Those voices, the noises, the pain

They are all so familiar.  

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  1. Who are you?

    Jeezus christ, those three words have haunted me before, too. They can mean so many different things, you know. It's impossible to tell until it's too late.

    It's good to know your tearmarks are fading, though.