Saturday, April 14, 2012


Dammit, I hate it when things like go down.
Y'know, it funny really. Despite all the crazy shit you got yourself into, I always thought that if it came down to it, you would be one the last of us to fall.

I just...wish I had a chance to thank you. God that sounds so cliched but it's the truth.
You were the first person I started chatting with on here. You were able to relate to me when it came to dealing with legal troubles, you shared a couple of secrets, and you would always thank me for any support I was willing to offer even if it seemed impossible for me to actually do so.

You were the one who would snap me to reality and subtly tell me to man up when it was needed.

You were a friend.
A very good friend.
I wish I had the chance to meet you in person.

It feels....very lonely now...

I'll miss you Elaine.

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