Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Gone

I went to get Jacob's laptop which had all of the Azoth research on it.

It's gone.

And by gone I mean someone took the liberty of remove almost everything for inside the laptop and left it as a husk. Half of the remaining Azoth I had is gone too. But I guess theres a small victory in that. I made the effort but the stuff into seperate containers and put them in various places so suck it.

I also visited my...well what was once my apartment. I had to go at night so nobody caught me.
It's weird seeing a place you called home in place. Even though it was just apartment, I still felt relatively safe. And over time you just sort of bond with the place. I grow to accept the flaws: the weird creaking you hear in a wall or the dripping of a faucet. It becomes something so normal and a part of your life.

And to see it all torn up; a chunk of wall and a window completely gone, glass and debris everywhere, the furniture smashed. It hurts.

I did manage to reclaim most of my clothes, my Yu-gi-oh cards, my stuffed bear that I've had since I was born (I shall always cherish you Brown Bear), and my PS3 which, thankfully, nobody fucked with.

Onward and upward.


  1. At least the place you called home is still intact. Be thankful for small mercies.

    And if those Yu-Gi-Oh cards are not from the Original series then you need to consider your values. :P

    1. Whoa okay, when you have cards that can net in $200, I'm gonna make an effort to grab them. And also, dare I say it, 5Ds is actually slightly better than the original series (not the dubbed version, fuck 4Kids)

  2. Well, any clues who might have taken it?

    1. Given how it was put back together after it was snatched up, I'm figuring it was some mook sent under Grigori or some other high-up's orders.
      Well, I'm assuming the Grigori is pretty high up on the Slendy food chain given how long he said he's been in His service.