Monday, August 12, 2013

Mira's Departure

I walked in on Mira as she finished packing. If there is one thing I learned from our time together it is that she is a minimalist when it came to possessions. Some clothes, books, lotions, her sword, and hand gun was all she seemed to have. I can only assume that the whole packing process took about ten minute at most.

"Ready to go?"

She gave a small nod  "Everything is in order."

"So what do they plan to do with you when you return?"

"I am not entirely sure." she said with a shrug. "Given my prolonged absence from combat, I believe they will send me on missions that will be easier in order to have me get, as you would say, back into the swing of things."

"Sounds like a pain in the ass." I said with small laugh.

"I suppose."

We sat in silence for quite awhile after that. There wasn't much to say at that point.

Soon, there was a knock on door. Tobias stood there as his cold expression looked down at me and then to Mira. "Are you ready to depart Mira?"

"Yes sir." she said politely and went to his side. She gave me a sincere, genuine smile "It I enjoyed the time we spent together Chris." she said and donned her mask. "Please stay safe."

"Please proceed to the car Mira. I will follow you shortly." Tobias said. She gave a silent nod and followed his order. He looked back to me. "Are you sure?"

"Am I sure of what?"

"Are sure of your decision? Are sure you want to place yourself at risk?"

I gave a smirk "Why not? It's not the craziest thing I've done before."

"I wish you the best then." he said and went on his way.

The apartment is rather quiet now.

It's just me.

And a tall, faceless, well-dressed man waits ever so patiently to see what I do next.



  1. Apparently Mira isn't the only one who will be getting "back into the swing of things".

    Welcome back to the battlefield, since you were in safety most of the time.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  2. Tell me about it. Even though I've (for the most part) been keeping up with my training regimen, I still feel rather rusty. Mind if I borrow Sanna so that I can use her as a training dumm-er, what I meant to ask was, can I borrow her so that she can be a training partner?


    1. But Raggedy, you give out whacks and say I lack discipline. D: You terrify the fuck out of me. I'm going spend my time hiding behind Incognito if you come near us.

    2. I do not whack without a reason.


    3. Incognito doesn't whack at all. D:

    4. Pain makes for an excellent teacher.

    5. Maybe it's because I don't exactly have glowing childhood memories of being whacked, but I still have a strong aversion to it.

      And don't give Incognito ideas. D: He is strong. It would be like human pinball.

    6. Well I don't exactly have glowing memories either but I wouldn't actually slug you or anything. I'd just use a technique that I learned from Catholic nuns. The crooked finger strike to the back of the head.