Saturday, March 31, 2012

That Thing Better Not Have Rabies

I had had enough. I decided I was going to go out, throw caution (and probation) to the wind, and find Aura. was kind of a foolish idea given that all I knew is that the facillity was in New York but hey, I figured it was a start.

So I hop in my car, packed and ready to go, and noticed the Black Dog wasn't prowling around. The next thing I feel is a chomp in my right arm. For fuck's sake why is it always the right arm?! I didn't have time to analyze what happened but I could still feel my arm so I was thankful for that. I don't know how but the fucker  got in my car. It started barking and biting at me. It didn't feel like a normal animal bite. It burned. It's slobber felt like acid on my skins. I managed to open my door and get out. Within the seconds the beast was on top of me. I tried to keep it from biting me any further trying to push it's muzzle upward. I fumbled for anything. I managed to grab a stick and stabbed it in the eye. It gave me enough time to stagger back to my apartment. The hound didn't persue.  I spent a good portion of the night trying to stop the bleeding and apparently put an uncoherent post on here.

This morning I woke up and found not a scratch on me save for my right arm. There's a very strange mark that takes up a good portion of my forearm and it stings like hell. I retraced my steps of what I could remember. There was no blood trail. My car was in the same condition it was in, And there was the Black Dog, prowling around with no sign of any wound on his eye. It growled and waited for me to make a move.

I'm not sure what the hell happened. What does this beast want? It's not like I'm hiding anything. Or at least anything that I haven't told at least one person about.

Shit, this thing burns.


  1. Right, because telling a single person is going to cut it. Just tell us already, trust me, less likeable people have done worse things and everybody still loves them.

    See you around

  2. Yeah, I believe this whole thing goes something to the effect of, you either face the problem or you run forever. Unlike our mutual tall friend, this issue can be eliminated by coming clean. What are you so afraid of? We don't bite.

    And you really don't have time to be wasting on this right now do you?